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My story so far. (It's a long read)

I have my medical October 22nd just in time for November selections!!!! So excited :)
You are oh so close! After your medical it is just a matter of waiting for an offer should you qualify.

I did my medical in mid August but doubt I will make the November selection board in time because of my 'foreign implications' needing a security check though *sigh*.
Well I completed my medical I think successfully (I feel it did go well) I hope I get lucky enough to make selections for November. Fingers crossed, but I have a good feeling so I started packing my room up mainly cause I live with my parents and they plan on moving at the end of the year anyways. But I am mainly looking at the fact that I may get selected very soon. 
I think this will be a long week for some of us here on the site. My medical and everything is completed as well and last I heard from the recruiting centre was that the criminal background check had cleared as well as the credit check. Hoping to here back for this round of selections as well.

Good luck!
Wow that's quite the up and down story you got going on!! Jeeze!!! Congrats and respect on finding the motivation to get your education finished when so many fail and settle into a medicore lifestyle
Thought I would update this, I was merit listed as of last week. Now I am just waiting for my job offer.

If anyone has ever second guessed themselves just remember be patient and calm, if its bound to happen it will happen...
One last update on this thread, I received my job offer last week, and swear in next week. I leave for basic January 24th, I am so excited and glad that I am finally on my way to being a cook.
Gratz! With everything you've been trough since the beginning of your process you really deserve it . And Good luck on your BMQ and your new career.  :salute:
Wow, so it is finally happening. Big congrats. Basic begins in only a few days eh? Pop in from time to time and let us know how things are going (though I don't expect you will be making any updates during basic).