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Im just about ready to get back into the recruting cycle again, i was previousley rejected for asthma that i dont have, for which i have evidence that i do not. But i still have to have this surgery to correct my underbite along side with my braces treatment. From what ive heard from the RMO, they have said I cannot be in the army until i have that surgery and recover. Also in order to submit the papers disproving asthma i have to re-apply. Now this is making me think should wait another year (almost) just to be rejected again for the surgery or apply afterwards. Then the other problem becomes that the tests become outdated. So is there any way they'll account for the surgery and just sit me out without pay until that surgery is done? or will they make me apply again?

Please provide some advice
-Usman Syed
It's probably best to get the surgery done and then reapply with your statement saying you do not have asthma.
well my surgeries in the summer of 2005, so i wanted to get my asthma case out of the way now, so all ill have to do is say my surgery is done and im ready to go, but this may be not so smart considerin by that time my file may become expired again.
If you have already been told that you can't be enrolled until you have the surgery and recover, why would you waste everyone's time, (including your own) by applying prior to correcting your med issues?
I just want to get the asthma issue over with now so when it comes time all theyll need is proof of completion of surgery and then ill be ready to go, not have to wait like another year just to get both cleared again.
I hear that.....but again.....don't waste everyone's time going through the whole process again when you know you are not fit and your file is going to be closed medically.  Finish everything that you have been advised to complete...then apply.
I'd just get the surgery done.  If you're certain your asthma test results won't psoe a problem, they shouldn't a year from now.