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Hey, im doing my BMQ currently and im on my way to Gagetown tonight, i have not recieved straps for my rucksack until tonight, could anyone tell me how to hook up the valise straps and the waist straps?
Ask a buddy or an instructor when you get there, that's what they're there for. Unless you were already shown how to do it, then I'd recommend asking a buddy first.  :D
we were shown how to do it but that was all the way in january and everyone was given straps by the QM except me.so im not too sure anymore, i do plan on asking a buddy if i cant get any clue on how to start it
im not with any of my comrades at the moment, but i think i may have found it out, i'll ask them tonight to make sure. thanks everyone
that 82 pattern ruck is a piece of crap, to be brutally honest, i find the waist belt uselees personally escepically with the quick release straps, plus it gets in the way
There's two slots in the flat part on the bottom of the frame, and two D rings hanging off the bottom of the ruck bag.The straps run up through the slots, and up through the D rings. For extra stability, run the straps through the cross piece on the frame before running them through the D rings.

The wais belt goes through the frame behind the back pad. I've never used mine, though some swear by it.
Atleast someone took the time to answer him.

"Go ask someone else" 
how helpful.
The rucksack is a piece of junk.. i cant wait to get the ones.  Mine has broken and unsewn straps everywhere i cant believe it actually holds itself together.
I would exchange it if i knew how to put it together but the thing is a nightmare.
So? Exchange it, and ask somone to show you how to assemble the new one.

Dealing with a busted ruck in the field sucks. While I don't do a lot of rucking, mine seems to break every time I do.
I was on my comms course field ex this weekend so I was able to have a look at some ruck's from other trades. It seemed everyone who wans't infantry or artillery had a bag of hammers for a ruck. Loose straps, loose lashings, it was just an abominatino.
My 82 Pattern Book is in the Shack, and I can't find the NDID no ,or I could email the diagrams.  Anyone out there able to help this guy?

pte donut if you still need it, i have the 82 pattern webbing file, but it's huge (6000+ kb).  I can email it to you.

PM me or email me at brown (dot) qjd (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send it to you.

Personally, I just took the waist belt clean off. I also got rid of teh valise straps, and replaced them witha s ingle bungie cord, threaded through teh bottom of the wire frame, and going up around the valise and hooking into the rings that used to hold the straps at the top. It stays tight enough to ramain in place easily, but still has enough slack to shove thing sin underneath if I need to stor something else. Plus, with the way it's threaded, it won't fall out. Bungee and elastics are a godsend for ruck-customizing- but don't do that until after you're qualified and working at your unit. Your instructors will eat you.
"Personally, I just took the waist belt clean off. I also got rid of teh valise straps, and replaced them witha s ingle bungie cord"

The waist belt is not met to be used all the time.  When the load is 'wearing down' on your shoulders, fasten the waist belt and reach back and through the pack on to your hips for a while giving the shoulders a 'break'.

As for replacing the valise straps with bungees, how do you 'suck up' the sleeping bag and pad?  I use the V-straps to suck the sleeping bag and pad into a neat, compact fit under the pack.

I don't find the '82 ruck that uncomfortable.  Try to keep the load around 35lbs  I've packed sheep, Elk, Moose on a 'Trapper Nelson' pack board.  After that, the '82 is a 'Cadillac'.!!
I've actually seen a few guys rig the waist belt to compress the valise, and used the utility belt from the old webbing as a waist belt for the ruck.

an old thread, but I hope the pictures and description help somewhat.
I know, the dreaded '82 but what can ya do, thats what they gave me.