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New Accommodations Facility at CFB Borden

That's good. When I went to CFSAL in the late 1980s, there were new temp residence blocks close to the school building and that area's pretty crowded as is.
From my understanding, they want to compress the army sides over all foot print to bring everything closer together which is why RCEME school is slowly moving everything over.
When Base Toronto was a thing the TTC provided a bus service thru the base along the main road and around the air strip. Sheppard 84 A was the bus route. Took it as a kid to see the base, never saw anything cool, just old buildings, the fire hall, 1 Supply Depot, and the tip of the airfield. Then when stationed there I rode it a few times just for old times sake.
The way the original base seems laid out into army and airforce 'sides', it's almost like they didn't want you to co-mingle. :)
Kingston, for one. I used to take the bus to work when I was posted there. Kingston Transit had a bus route that went right through the base. But with respect to Borden, I was on course in Borden years ago, but I don't remember Barrie Transit going out that far. Not sure what buses they are talking about.
Ya mean Muriel's taxi in Borden is gone?