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No valid references


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So im in the process of filling out the verification form. And I have no valid references from the last 5 years. The only references I could use employer wise, are family. Ive never stayed in contact with old employers or stayed at the job long enough to warrant knowing them for so long. So im in a pickle, any suggestions on what to do? Can I use the family members ive worked for but as employer references? Or just absolutely not because theyre family. Thanks for the help
There is no way around this step. You need a minimum of 3 references who together have known you for 5 years or to age 16 whichever comes first.

So person 1 knows you from 2018-2020, person 2 2020-2021, and person three from 2021 to present, for example.

if you cannot come up with 3 references, you only option is to work om this until you have the minimum 3 people and 5 years.