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Officer in the Reserves??


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This is my background and some facts about me:

a) Permanent resident; will become a citizen later this year
b) previous military experience; Infantry officer-in-training for 3 years in another country; Mountain Warfare qualified
c) BSc, MSc, PhD degrees in sciences
d) currently full-time employed in a profession where paperwork is intensive (logistics-like);
e) no criminal history EVER; no "recreational drugs" EVER; I love beer but my average is 3/week; ~5 cigars/year, that's it
i) I can pass the physical test without issues
j) AFTER I get my citizenship, I want to apply for the Reserves for the Logistics Officer job


a) I spoke to 2 different recruiters months apart from each other so I could get 2 different perspectives. One said I would not be commissioned until I finished BMQ, BMOQ, DP1, DP2, which could take up to 3 years... the other recruiter said I would be commissioned right away (if accepted as Log Officer) and would even go to BMQ as officer. QUESTION: Is there a "hardcore rule" that must be followed or is a commission awarded based on a subjective analysis?

b) I cannot join Reg Forces right away because that would be a gigantic pay cut for me even as a 1st Lieutenant. QUESTION: Let's say I wait until I'm Captain with the Reserves and choose to go Reg Forces, would I lose rank (be demoted)?

c) In Reg Forces, if accepted as an officer, do people go to BMQ before going to BMOQ?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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a) I've asked this question repeatedly from recruiters because of conflicting information on the internet, and always received the same response: Officer Cadet until you pass your BMOQ and BMOQ-Army. 2lt After BMO-Army, and Lt. after passing DP1.1 and 1.2. However, this was for Engineering Officer. I don't know if there is some special consideration for Logistics Officers. Furthermore, I think the promotion practice is different depending upon the Division, because I've read in this forum previously of people getting the rank of 2Lt upon enrollment!

b and c I can't answer.