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Outside the Top Three


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Just wondering if people in the recruiting process can be/are offered roles other than the ones the selected on the application?

In my case there are 5 or 6 roles I am interested in and would be happy doing.

So if, for example, an application had listed Construction Tech, Weapons Tech & Vehicle Tech but none of these were available and the candidate had met all the requirements, might they be offered something like Combat Engineer or whatever,or would your application simply be parked strictly until one of your three selected became available?

Maybe in that case the recruiter might discuss options with you that are outside of your three picks but close enough?

(The trades I mentioned are just examples, I'm not specifically asking whether Construction Tech is more or less similar to Combat Engineer).
There is nothing that prevents you from changing your preferred occupations.

However, there are a few things to be aware of. First, your CFAT scores might not be good enough for every occupation, so some choices might not be available.

Second, if you have already been interviewed for one occupation, you might need to do another interview. This depends on your individual circumstances (Reg vs Reserves, the specific occupation, etc), but some interviews are scored in relation to the occupation you are applying for, which means that the score won't carry over to another trade.

Finally, every occupation has unique medical standards that need to be met. For example, if you are colour blind you can join the CAF, but not in certain trades.

Some occupations have only a very limited intake are are very competitive. Your recruiting staff should be able to give you an idea of how realistic your preferred options are, or how long it will be before the next potential intake.
Thank you, that's very helpful.

CFAT was mid 90's so I guess it should be ok for most of the trades (except maybe pilot or that type of role), and I don't have an Engineering degree so a few of the Officer roles will exclude me.

(It's more a case of me being genuinely interested in 5 or 6 different roles, a few of which are NCM, a few of which Officer).

Appreciate the feedback, it's useful to get people's opinions here as well as obviously talking with the recruiter.