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Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

Question for the Guardian SME:

A junior CAF member commissioned through Special Commissioning Program from a trade with spec 1 pay.
When he was an OCdt, his pay was the same as his last pay as a Cpl before the switch over.
He got his commission, and was subsequently promoted to 2Lt.
His new rank is reflected on his MPRR/MM.
However, his latest pay statement still states that he is an OCdt, and is still being paid at his final Cpl rate.
The OR tried updating his pay info on Guardian, but all they got back are rejection messages from Guardian. ???

Surprisingly, another junior CAF commissioned through SCP at the same time, though not from a trade with spec pay, and was promoted to 2Lt. But he has no problem getting his pay adjusted.

Does Guardian not take into account situations where a trade may have spec pay? 

Thank you in advance for your response.
I am thinking of joining, I would like to work with my hands as I currently work as a Financial Analyst (desk job). I just want to know if my needs will be met, as in being able to purchase a house with a military salary?

Anyone able to shed some light?
The pay scales are all online, so you can see up front what your gross salary will be. The CAF pays well enough to afford a house in most areas. The rest depends on your credit, your down payment and how you're able to live within a budget. You're not buying a million dollar mansion, but you can live comfortably and leave the CAF with quite a bit of equity built up. We also have access to financial counselling/planning at approx $5 a month for NCMs (no idea what the officer rate is) through SISIP. They can assist with budgeting as they understand how the CAF pay and allowances work.
Hi, it was announced over a month ago that members who.sailed on missions that lost one of the allowances were in fact entitled to it and those members would be compensated for it. Has anything come from up top in terms of expected day of payment? Sum ? Who to contact?