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Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

Shucks. Here I thought we were going to implement another built from scratch system that would keep the contractor employed indefinitely fixing the bugs.
Setting up the new system should be the easy part of the problem. The business transformation and data migration plan, on the other hand, (especially with hundreds of thousands of outstanding issues) ... well that would be an interesting thing to look over.

Not testing, not training, cutting funding, no fallback plan, firing all the experiences staff and relocating the function to NB just before launching the new system... So many choices for "why was it a cluster fuck of a disaster of a failure".
...and those are the good qualities...
Dayforce (Ceridian) is the company. Hopefully, they bring the right software. They have done the payroll for parts of the Ontario public service for years (agencies, boards and commissions - I don't know if they handle the broader provincial public sector) with a fairly diverse set of employment rules. I imagine a lot of the issue will be identifying the rules to the system.

Make one wonder why the federal government didn't buy into a tried-and-true system from the outset. Performance bonuses were paid so many considered it a win.
As I understand, this will replace bespoke departmental HR systems as well, reducing current complexity where each Dept HR system has to be integrated with Phoenix.
And the CAF?
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Had Ceridian for post-CAF companies I worked for
efficient, no-nonsense, reliable. It’s the government’s move to fucl up or let them provide a solid workable solution.

If the government decides to approve no alpha-, beta- or small-group testing prior to full implementation so that a DM and her their ADM can get her their annual performance pay before fiscal year end, then even Dayforce may not be able to compensate for the stupidity

And the CAF?
The CAF is pursuing a pay system modernization to replace the two bespoke pay systems currently in service. The work is being informed by the work in the PS.

However, the CAF has certain high security units which suggests the need for the PS solution being trialled in that space - with CAF pay being administered both on the high side and the low side. A single solution is optimal to avoid APS shenanigans that might see an MSE Op posted to CSOR from 2 Svc Bn lose their pay for a month or so as their pay record was transferred.

Beyond security, there are member information considerations, financial reporting, financial compliance, interfaces with the pension system, business model reviews... Lots of work in advance of a transition.