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Pilot (DEO) for FY20/21


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Hi all,
If you were offered a Pilot (DEO) slot for FY20/21, or know about somebody else that got an offer, please post about it here so we can know when selections start.
I applied through CEOTP (from NCM). Do they begin offers around the same time?
I was told by my CFRC towards the end of last year that there weren't any projected slots for DEO pilot for 20/21, has this changed?
Hey man, yes. Myself and another forum user have spoken to our respective CFRCs recently and we both were told 11 DEO for pilot for FY20/21.
2 months isn’t a long time... but it sure feels like it! My eyes will be glued to these pilot threads to see when people begin to receive offers.
I just spoke to CFRC and they said that ROTP pilot selection began on 11 Feb 2020. The recruiter told me that there is no date listed for when DEO selection is going to begin, but they confirmed that there are still 11 DEO spots open.
Joinning as a DEO atm is really a waiting game. After more then 3 years in the recruiting process I thought my wait was finally over when I got an offer last year.  After a couple months in , I just realized that it's really likely that I wont get my wings before an other 4 years. With every thing going on atm and the training halt, it could be 5 years + before I see wing graduation.

GL to all.
Hey, I applied to ROTP last fall and completed the process in late October. The recruiter said I was a strong applicant when compared to others in the competition list. I have been waiting for 5 months and not yet received an offer. I applied to Infantry Officer which has 66 vacancies fy 2020-2021. Does anyone know when the selections are being made? Also, the forces.ca website login isn't working so I was kind of anxious if something happened to my application. My grade 11 average was 89 and scored high on the aptitude test. The interview went well too. Based on this, could someone please comment on the likelihood of me being chose for ROTP?