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Platoon? Troop?


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Was bored and decided to look at my stats in the Trg tab.  Saw a whole bunch of "army men" symbols with labels such as platoon, troop etc.  They are all at Level 1:0%.  I went into QM, and none of them are available to purchase.  And I didn't see any of them in any mission either.

Did I miss a topic on this?  Or is something else going on?
You earned them as daily care package rewards, but they are for a yet unfinished feature. :)
Typical army, hurry up and wait for the troops....
Yep, received them today for my care package.  And it makes me realize that yes, I believe I have seen them there before!

Since they aren't in our QM, is there any way to see how many of each we have?  And are they available to everyone or only at certain levels?

Excited for the new feature!