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Potential Disqualifier - Micro Siezures as a kid

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I have my medical booked soon and I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight as to my odds of being able to enlist. Between 7 and 8, I had what was described as Micro Seizures. It only occurred 3 times and I was never given any medication for it, nor was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I know it's considered lying if I omitt information but is there a section where it might come up? It's my dream to serve in uniform and it'd be disappointing to be disqualified for something that happened almost 10 years ago and hasn't affected my life in anyway since.
I am not a doctor. You should fully disclose. They will refer your case to doctors who will look through your history, possibly request further information, and determine where you meet the medical standards.

The standards exist to protect you from harm.