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Potential Education Reimbursement Funding Restriction FY 13/14

Rheostatic said:
At what point does the member find out whether they have "funding approval"? Hopefully it's sometime before step 3. Are members being advised to check with PDev each year, before registering for courses?

From what I understand and how it worked for me last year, I submitted my ILP and I received an approval email.  My ILP included four courses taken over one year.  Once you have completed and passed the course, you submit receipts with proof stating that you passed the course.  You will then get reimbursed as you go. 

If you are ever in doubt about funding and approval contact the local coordinator/director.  They should know how much funding is available or else they shouldn't be able to approve ILPs.  Here in Halifax he is at the FPSO office, not sure about other units. 
Rheostatic said:
How is that supposed to work? In my experience, the sequence was:

1. Submit ILP
2. Receive ILP approval message
3. Receive funding approval message for academic year XX-XX
3.4. Complete a year's worth of courses
4.5. Submit claim
5.6.  Repeat steps 3-43-5

At what point does the member find out whether they have "funding approval"? Hopefully it's sometime before step 3. Are members being advised to check with PDev each year, before registering for courses?

^^That's the actual process.  There is a step between your steps 2 and 3 - the ILP is approved, then funding is approved year by year.  I received two emails, one saying the ILP is approved, the next saying my funding for academic year XX-XX was approved.  Then each year, another email for funding for academic year XX-XX.  I amended my ILP a couple of times along the way (moved a course from one semester to another), and also received another email approving the amended ILP. 

Unfortunately, the email for the funding hasn't often been coming early enough, so people are registering for courses before the funding is approved, and the claims are still processed.  If you read the email that approves the ILP itself, it does state it's not an approval for funding.  Just the approval for the plan. 

I admit I didn't pay a lot of attention to the emails at the time.  But when all of this came down a few months ago, a coworker was stressing about his, and we both went back and re-read the emails.  Sure enough, that first one doesn't say that funding is approved. 
Thank you, exgunnertdo.  I didn't pay much attention to the emails either but thank you for shedding more light on the process.
From your description I see the process has changed. I never received any messages related to funding approval, and my ILP Approval message did not make the distinction you described.

Thanks for the info. I try to stay current on these things for the troops' sake.
wolot said:
Is there any updates to education reimbursement? I was told that not to expect any reimbursement for any courses i take in the summer, even though i was approved.
I tried answering this from work earlier but for some reason could not. It will be officially announced in the not too distant future but numbers are as follows:
1. Up to 50%
2. Max of $4K a year
3. Max of $20K in a career.
This is also noted in the NCM PME/PD thread.
For some things as they come up, recommend you keep an eye on the "Digital Chief":https://www.facebook.com/?email_confirmed=1#!/thedigitalchief?fref=ts
Finally an official update


Funding has now been secured for the Fall and Winter 13/14 Semesters, and ILP approval for the two aforementioned semesters will therefore re-commence as per normal starting 1 Aug 2013.

and then

Expect policy adjustments to Ref A, ER for the Regular Force, beginning in May 2014 at the start of the Spring/Summer 2014 semester.  Changes to the scope and level of funding will likely be implemented, to include a reimbursement ratio established at 50%, as well as funding caps of $4,000 per year and $20,000 over a career.  There is expected to be little or no change to refs B and C.