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Pres questions


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Dear Brothers & Sisters 2 questions

1. Is it possible to apply to 2 seperate reserve units in different provinces of the country ( family decision soon to move to either part and i have a security clearance that will end soon so best i apply now before the situation becomes clear.

2. If i am available completely can i get uploaded to courses ( going for infantry ) wife has a good job and so i will be very much available for courses if i can be uploaded. How often would they be available ( no i cannot do reg force right now i have to make my way thru pres, tho i perfectly appreciate why its said if u wanna go reg force one day just do it now)

Note: i would be really greatful for any time taken to answer me ( i was also told infantry trade has the most courses available )


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I don't believe that you can apply to two at once. I could be wrong. Either way it is fairly easy to transfer between units. As long as you tell your unit that you're moving they should give you permission.