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Psychiatric Information Required for Recruitment

Thank you for replying!
I want to apply for infantry, and I'd like to know what educational requirements the military has. I completed the 10th grade but did not graduate from high school. Will I be competing with college graduates and high school graduates? Will my lack of formal education negatively affect my application? I saw the website shows only G10 is needed.
Again this is the enrolment medical forum. You might do better in the recruiting process forum.

You are expected to be open and honest about your medical history.
Can the recruitment office access all records from family doctors, specialists, and psychological counseling? They even know about canceled appointments, which is beyond my imagination. I believe anyone can face mental challenges, and seeking counseling is a very healthy step. How could it have a negative impact on applications? I hope everyone who overcomes challenges has a brighter future.

The recruiting centre requests the individual grant permission to access their records. If the individual does not grant permission, the CAF does not access their recrods.
When you do your Enrolment Medical interview, you're asked about this during the history taking both on questionnaire and face to face. If there is anything that comes up, you're given a letter or letters to take to the appropriate care providers to elaborate. I'd have loved to have had access to what I have access to in the civilian sector now - provincial Rx database profile, hospital visits to ER's, admissions, etc when I was doing enrolment medicals in the past. Private medical visits that aren't synced in to the provincial EMR database (something that really isn't a thing at the moment, at least here in MB) would be a nice to be able to access for possibly speeding up the process. This is, as @dapaterson notes, something that would be done with your permission...as are the letters you'd take to say your family MD/PA/NP regarding say your high blood pressure, or to your therapist regarding issues going on in your life. However, if you choose not to have those folks elaborate on those issues, your enrolment will stall out or stop outright.
You are expected to be open and honest about your medical history.
The National Defence Act Sec 122 states:

Every person who knowingly

  • (a) makes a false answer to any question set out in any document required to be completed, or
  • (b) furnishes any false information or false document,
in relation to the enrolment of that person is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to imprisonment for less than two years or to less punishment.

  • R.S., c. N-4, s. 112
Usually, these things are found out more often than not. Best be honest, regardless of results. Incidentally, most people I've seen caught up in this, are just plain kicked out, unless there are other circumstances usually involving other forms of fraud.