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Does anyone have gone through something similar:

Service related PTSD with depressive disorder.
Diagnosed recently by a DND mental health specialist.

The report goes into detail about other associated conditions (i.e mood disorder, sleep disorder, etc.).

1. Is PTSD itself an entitled condition? Or only the complications/conditions resulting from PTSD?

2. If there are 6 conditions resulting from the PTSD diagnosis, do you need to enter 6 different claims based on the PTSD diagnosis itself (each with the quality of life assessement)? Or do you make only 1 claim that would encompass all of the 6 associated conditions?

My goal is to make sure that I submit my applications properly (in VAC speech) so that I can receive my entitlements (I don't want to miss on benefits I would be entitled to due to avoidable technical/administrative errors).

Thanks in advance