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Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

kratz said:
PSHCP website drug benefit will cover:
When we were planning our trip to Mexico, the pharmacist was willing to submit each vaccination to PSHCP for payment, prior to administering the injection(s). All of our claims were approved. All total, we saved over $1500 worth of travel vaccinations and will not require boosters for 5 to 8 years for most of them.

So I think rabies could be covered, as it's good for up to 2 years. The best approach is to ask the pharmacist to run it through the system with PSHCP first.

If you are still serving and PSHCP does not cover a vaccination, you will be directed to your MIR, who may or may not approve the vaccination. or our trip, my wife was not approved and we had to pay the full amount ourselves, as it was not required for her duties. *shrug* Based on what we saved in total, we paid for that one vaccination.

** Edit: to add if you are still in the CAF.

I didn't realize that the Public Service Healthcare Plan is not actually what the CAF members are covered under until a later post by DAP. I guess I'm young and don't have dependents so its not something I've really looked into very heavily.

dapaterson said:
No.  PSHCP is not for CAF members.

As it turns out, the rabies vaccine is fully covered by our CAF healthcare and there's a handy search tool you can use...

Does anyone know where I send my MB Pharmacare deductible form?
Does anyone know if the dependent can submit claims online themselves, or do I have to do it?
Believe it's you, as you are the insured individual. I am Public Service, and submit for my wife for her expenses.
Does anyone know if the dependent can submit claims online themselves, or do I have to do it?
The workaround a lot of spouses have found for the online claims is the member creates an account, and gives the spouse the login and password. Then the spouse can submit all the claims whether the member is home or away. The onus is on the spouse to ensure the member is aware of all the claims submitted in case Sunlife has questions. Both halves of the couple can also download and install the sunlife app onto their smartphones and use the member's login. (That's what i do at least and it works great for us).