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Question About Medallion (?) - Francis Pegahmagabow


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Looking for some help in identifying the medallion(?) that then Cpl Francis Pegahmagabow (1st Canadian Infantry Battalion) is wearing just underneath his medals (Military Medal with 2 bars, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, and Victory Medal).

You only see him wearing it in this picture. In all the post-First World War pictures you just see him with the normal medals and not the mystery object. Does anyone know what this object is?


Found the answer as to what the medallion is. Of course, the answer just leads to more questions :)

According to this website (Medal Hound) it is the Queen Victoria Coronation Medallion issued to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria, which took place June 28, 1838.

It does not say why he has the medallion it might have been presented to his Father/Grandfather (just my guess) or why he was wearing it for the picture. That is another mystery.
1 Can Inf Bat was perpetuated by the Canadian Fusiliers, which became the London and Oxford Fusiliers, which is now 4 RCR - I suppose regimental historians of The RCR could be of assistance.