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noneck said:
Don't get discouraged, at least they didn't tell you never to apply to any police force and then initiate an investigation against you! If they defer you then the best thing you can do is use that time to improve your application and then bounce back in three years. That shows motivation and determination that this is the job for you.

BTW it took me 6 years and three exams to get on.....maybe it's just cause I am thick!


Thanks for the encouragement. My problem is age: I'm 35 now and rather well employed with no debts beyond a car loan, so now was a good time to make a career change. In 3 years I'll be pushing 40 and probably have a house, so spending 7 or so months with no income might be somewhat hard on myself and the familly.

On another note, here is a question for you: I have a strong IT and information security background and I was told there was the possibility of me going straight to a federal unit if I got in. What's your take on that? If that actually happened what would other members think of me for not "paying my dues" with the usual field training as a patrol officer?

Don't worry about age, just performance. I had a guy in my Troop that was 47! As for Depot, there are some indications that they are looking at returning to some pay/training wage  at Depot. I don't believe it will ever return to a basic salary, but merely a stipend in the area of 5-600 /month.

What you should try and do is get a job in IT with the Force as a Civilian Member, that way you start paying into the pension and when you do step over to Regular Member you get your full CM salary at Depot! As afar as postings go people do go straight to fed/Prov jobs without doing municipal stints, it's rare but does happen. They usually get you to do some Recruit filed training with a local Municipal PD. As far as what others think...who cares, if you return East most RCMP memebrs out ther ehave done very little contract work themselves.

noneck said:
What you should try and do is get a job in IT with the Force as a Civilian Member, that way you start paying into the pension and when you do step over to Regular Member you get your full CM salary at Depot!

Ok, now that's interesting to know, does this apply to any public sector federal job, or just those specifically with the RCMP? What about after depot, does your pay drop down to regular constable pay of do you keep you CM salary?
CM pay and such I don't know. But i will try to find out for you. PM me to remind me if you don't hear from me.

New to the form, I have read most of the posts, some great info on here. I am almost at the end of the process, I completed my medical/dental, BGI has been complete and renewal PARE is done 3:21 timing a 2sec improvement from my first PARE and now I have to do a pulmonary function test (because I had asthma as a young boy) which could take a month to get an appointment so a slight delay.  Do you think I have much more time to wait after this pulmonary function test?

It's hard to say how much longer you will wait. It depends on a lot of factors I.E where you are applying from, how many people your Division is scheduled to send over the year, how many people your Div needs to fill empty spots ect.

Have you done your polygraph? You mentioned the BGI, that's a good sign , the Force wouldn't waste money sending ( Read paying) a retired S/Sgt out to speak to all the folks in your list, if you were a poor candidate!

You could always call your file coordinator and ask them, where you stand and what kind of time line you are looking at...if they ask why tell them you want to give your family and employer a heads up...it's not a lie i am sure all want to know!

Well, I"m relatively new (OK, I Just became a member!) of these forums, and hope that I'll learn much from you folks!  I just completed my suitability interview on Wednesday, and came out of that with a positive feeling...  They expect I should get a call next week to schedule my polygraph!  Woot! 
My process started in mid-January when I went to an info session, and Feb 19 wrote the RPAB.  March I had my paperwork duedate, June I attempted my first PARE.  Challenged again July 4, and barely scraped in that time..  So, things seem to be moving fairly fast for Ontario!

One question I have, is this:  what exercises, other than cardio, would you folks recommend to help me get into better shape for Depot?
....yeah... and what can I do to be able to DO a good push up..    let alone a chinup! ;)
zabnee said:
....yeah... and what can I do to be able to DO a good push up..    let alone a chinup! ;)

There's nothing mysterious about push ups.  Just do them.  Don't sacrifice form for numbers.  If you can only do three today, maybe tomorrow you can do four.  Just keep bashing on and the numbers will increase over time.  There is no magic bullet. 
Chin ups are trickier.  Your best bet is to find a pull down machine, and do many reps to build your endurance.  If you are tall and have long arms, well...sucks to be you.  Us tall folk have a lot longer to go through the range of motion.  But you still have to work the endurance first.  Once you have that, start upping the weight.  Hopefully, you will end up being able to pull your own body weight for 15 or so reps.  Start now, and good luck. 
Zipperhead is bang on!

During training you will do weight charts during fitness periods as well as cardio, curcuit training ect.

The weight charts are relatively light weights, with lots of reps to exercise different muscle groups. Runs will vary from group to best effort and uniform/equipment runs.

On top of your fitness periods you will be required to meet a minimum number of manditory cardio and weight work outs on your own time.

If you are having some difficulty with the PARE then you may want to see if the local YWCA has a police prep program. They are quite popular these days as are "Bootcamp" style workouts which will also get you ready.

Question regarding the typing certificate. Does this have to be taken recently? Because I have one that I got back in highschool in my keyboarding class where I scored 114 WPM with no errors and I have a nice little certificate with a gold logo on it  :D I plan to get all the pre-requisits done now and if my certificate is valid then that's just one less thing to worry about.
Thanks for the reply Noneck, I am applying out of Nova Scotia and I did my poly and interview in June 2007. Medical/Dental in August and BGI is complete everyone I listed has been contacted. The last time I spoke to the recruiting office in Halifax they said I am looking at the first week of October but I have just been informed I need to get a pulmonary function test done because I had asthma when I was younger. So I have to wait a couple of weeks now for an appointment.

I am hoping I will get to Depot before Christmas, if I am going at all, as I have been accepted to the Atlantic Police Academy (APA) for January 2, 2008 and well I can only put my life on hold for so long before I have to get training overwith and get working. Even though I received a conditional offer of enrollment (which said I could expect to be at depot before the end of fall 2007) from the RCMP I am still hesitant to let this acceptance to the APA pass by me and then have the RCMP not even take me.

So how much of a guarantee is the conditional offer of enrollment, does it mean unless I am found to be an unsuitable applicant, I am an accepted applicant? Or does it mean they want me but if they meet their cap for applicants they are going to send to depot this year, well I am shit out of luck?
Hello all,

I currently am in the RCMP process. I have done the interview and i now have my polygraph test in 2 weeks. I was surfing the net to find some infos on the rcmp polygraph and i found this forum... and it's quite interesting.

Probably like most people who have gone through the rcmp process, i am nervous about the polygrah test. I have read a bunch of article that were claiming polygraph tests are not reliable and that sometimes people get sreened out even if they were honest. Anyone has something to say about that?

I am aware that i just have to be well rest and calm for the test... after all, i have not done many things wrong in my life. I never took drugs, never drank underage (believe it or not), can't remember stealing something, never been involved in a fight outside of sports. I always been into elite sport and the decipline that comes with it, i have good education, good work experience, good references from everywhere i've been and i traveled some parts of the world... so why would i worry? but i still do! I guess my biggest concern is that someone in my familly have been dealing drugs for a couple months about 6-7 years ago! I never was involved at all and wasn't even living at home at the time. My brother who's also persuing a police carrear ended up disuading that ''family member'' to stop for obvious problems if caught. I know the polygraph test is about me and that i never been involved, but it is in the back of my mind and i fear the polygraph to detect something if some sorts of questions are to be asked! Anyone has tips on how i should take all this?

Do not go researching things about the poly. Get some rest, do not have any caffeine and go in their and bare your soul. If you are completely honest you will have nothing to worry about. It is an incomfortable and somewhat "Dirty" experience, however the poly examiners have heard it all and then some! Also you can't pick your family! Be prepared to talk about it though.

Lying on the poly will get you torched.  Be totally honest and just roll with that.  Good luck.
Hi all, just curious if anyone knows the details about the 'superior level' of the fitness requirements?
I'm currently working hard to reach that standard, and am just about there. Will they test this at depot? or is it just an incentive to reach? Will have to testing to see if you're actually at that level?

Thanks for any replies.


You will do benchmark physical testing in all areas (Cardio, weights, body fat) in your first two weeks in training. There is an expectation that you will improve in all areas by the end of training where they will test you again....however that is not always the case!

Not being Uber Fit when I went in, I heard from some of the superfit folks that their fitness decreased while they were in training due to the workload and inability to train as hard as they did at home....but I have heard the same things from folks in the military as well. You will be kept extremely busy on your own time with numerous different tasks throughout the Cadet Course be it driving, firearms, appied police science ect. However being in above average shape will definitely eleviate stress and allow you to concentrate in other areas.

Or try to turn 30 while you are there.  Presto!  You just showed a marked improvement from the time you got there  ;D
(worked for me, anyway)
Looking around for information regarding dog handling in the RCMP.
My cousin is a handler with them however I havnt seen/talked to him in years.

What is the selection like for handlers?Do many people get into this line of work?And what would improve your chances?