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RCN Carrier models

Some minor corrections made to the design after the print finished (I should have done it as a draft instead of fine/detailed...oh well.)

Time to go fit it into the ship and see what other changes have to be made!
Where'd you get that deck schematic? I have an extremely nerdy fondness for warship deck layouts...
4 layers of fiberglass resin and 1 layer of cloth later, and I now have the skegs almost done.


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And here's the after workshop section as printed and fit to the ship. Still some work to do - I need a fresh jar of white paint to do some bulkheads, but this gives the general idea. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!


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OK, so, I thought I was done the fiberglass work...turns out that was a pipe dream. While the hull looks really really good after priming it, there are also a few flaws that showed up...so, more sanding, more resin...we'll see how this goes.


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OK, so 11 layers of fiberglass and resin later, and I think I'm almost done. Some of the blemishes that were in this hull as received are...terrible. If you look at the above photo with the red splotches, you'll get an idea of all the low spots that needed filling.

It's a process....and that layer of primer did me no favours in the end!
Last October, I came across this image that a builder over in the UK showed off from his HMS Hermes build.

It inspired me....and as of this week, I think I'm almost there.


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Here's the removable center panel of the flight deck - the intent is to have a copy of this made in clear plastic so that when on display, people will be able to see into the hangar area.

I'm quite pleased with how this is turning out. Things are lining up such that with the island in place, the entire hangar deck is still able to be lifted up and out to access the space below where batteries and RC gear will be hidden.


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So, the Bonnie has been on the side burner for a bit - other project that have to be done by spring took priority in the near term.

That said, today, I had a retired sailor who sailed on Bonnie drop over to have a look at her. He told some great stories, and really enjoyed looking at the model. Turns out he was an Electrician who slept in Mess 5D(2) - so I did a bit of 3D modeling...

OK...so...rabbit hole time.

I tried printing a sample, and I've had to break the bunk-beds out as separate printable items.

I also decided that building zone 5D2 wasn't good enough...so I did 5D1 as well, then decided to go up a level...so I now have zones 4D and 5D being printed.

In zone 4D (on the left) you can see the compartment in the center for the 2x Diesel Generators (300Kw)

Interestingly, these ships are designed without many fore/aft entry points between the main zone bulkheads. There is one water-tight Hatch leading aft in zone 4D2. Every other space is accessed from above.

Almost like there was a real concern about watertight integrity against potential battle damage.

So...how far down this rabbit hole will I end up going? Good question. If I do zone 3D, then I get into some more workshop spaces, then zone 2D moves up to the cable deck level and the ship's canteen.

Going down to zone 6D gets me into the SONAR (ASDIC) suite, which for me, as a SONAR tech is VERY interesting!!!


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Here's the test prints. The one with the black pieces - bunks and diesel engines - that's the 4 deck section. You can see that there's some gaps in the 5 deck section that have to get sorted out and re-printed.


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Here's the floor plan....I will note that the ship had 4x 500KW Turbo Generators that would normally have supplied power to the ship when she was under steam. I think these were emergency Diesels, or used when alongside and no shore power was available.

I note that in zone 4N there were another pair of 300KW DG's. This pair was just forward of the aft elevator.


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