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Rebuild Basic Officer training: {SPLIT from:] Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF


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MBWA (Management By Wandering About) almost always works for the CO, I think; it can also work for the whole unit IF the CO doesn't use his newfound knowledge to undermine his sub-unit commanders. When the CO detects a problem he needs to solve it by engaging his OCs and SSMs, not by bypassing or undercutting them.
THIS x 1000!!!

Also allows for a bit of comedic/stress relief to the troops (especially the ones you’re chatting with) when the RSM slowly clicks on the PA and says, “Siiiiii-iiiir…where aaaaaaaaare yooooou? Come back to the oooof-fiiiiice….”


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I had two CO's who had open door policy. One was so active in engaging his Soldiers that it made the Snr NCOs and Officers very reluctant to trust him. Ultimately he understood the art of influencing human behaviour to accomplish a task. He did it extremely well. I was sad when he was posted out to his ultimate role overseas. If he heard of a issue he addressed it with his Snr Staff and let them fix the concerns. If they failed then he fixed it himself, he would always be engaging with his Soldiers.

The Second CO I had was in the Air Force. When he calls you into his office by your first name it made me worried, especially when the Sqn CWO is standing beside you. Normally this meant your getting a butt chewing. He asked me what was going on and how could he help. He heard through the rumor mill I needed to attend a Service funeral and time off was denied by My Flight Officer. He asked me the particulars, and in the end said take all the time I needed , will work it out after. He was sorry that his chain of command failed and did not understand the importance of attending funerals especially for Fallen members and that he would address his concerns with his staff. He also said we use to be able to make a special trips with a jet to get you there sooner, but more than a few people did not understand it was a one off and not a regular right. Again he apologized and said if there was anything he could assist with to let him know.
As I was walking out the Sqn CWO followed me and said the CO meant his words, to let them know if they could help in any way. Then reiterated what the CO said about addressing the issues with the COC over the importance of looking after your members.
He then told me to get back to work, grab my gear and pack it in for the day.

I will never forget those Two COs for their ability to understand and lead.