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Reg force to Reserves - Help needed

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Hello, after completing my medical and interview I was told that my first option as infantry was full and should "wrap my head around" my second choice, Combat Engineer. (My third was Armour). Friday after calling my recruiter looking for an update, I was told that Combat engineer had been filled, as well as Armour (Along with all other combat jobs). I was told to consider Signal Operator.

I ask you now because the recruitment center is closed over the weekend and I'm slowly going crazy with unresolved questions.

The application process has taken several months already, and so my question is:

If I were to apply to the reserves, would I have to refill out the application, medical, interview, back check?

What is the process like (Time, difficulties, complications) of changing from reserves to regular?

Combat trades for reg force are all full, is their any openings in the reserve units in the GTA?

Yours time and help is much appreciated.
I believe this was answered in the following thread:

I don't think anything is currently open in combat arms reg force, or reserves in your area.

PS - Go Navy. Chicks dig the uniform, just ask my wife :p
And that is a wrap folks.

Join us next time as Super Applicant battles Confusion man, along side The Evil Weekend-I-can't-wait Man.  Watch as SA learns how to use the search function, and utilizes his super patience power, to defeat his two enemies!!

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