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Reg Force Transfer Bosn


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Hey Guys,
I am a QL1 qualified reserve bosn, and I figure by the time my transfer goes through i may have completed my QL2 course. What if any training will i have to do when I go RegForce?

I know the Ql3 is essentially the same course as Ql1 with a few extra modules (RAS, Demolitions, etc.) but i cant help but feel it would be a waste of time and money to do that course. What do you guys think?
What we think is irrelevant.  What matters is the Navy`s decision.

Each file is reviewed and determinations made on its merits.  It may be you`d have to repeat the course; it may be you`d ahve to complete certain portions of the Reg F course; it may be they would take some risk and grant you a provisional qual, with the understanding that you`d get the rest through OJT.
Kinda what i was thinking, case by case decisions. Thanks for your input.