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Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

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There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to achieve an 85%+ in your high school courses. Push yourself. If that means working only 20 hours or less a week then do that. You have to strike a balance between work, school and athletics. Don't go crazy on only one thing, they like to see a well-balanced candidate. Talk to your manager at work and see if they'll lower your hours for you because you're applying to RMC. Don't set yourself a limit like 83%, push yourself beyond what you think is possible. Heck I had no idea I could pull off all 90s in my second semester of grade 11. The courses are not impossible, and people have gotten 90s in them before, so go for it! Work hard, stay focused, don't do drugs and good luck on your application!
I tip the scales at 30 years, and am looking again with interest at ROTP. I have a myriad of relevant experience, including a few different uniforms and chains of command. I'm a great candidate for the CF and leadership in general. I'd go for DEO, but I simply lack the degree. I went to Civ U for a full year, years back, and just didn't find it engaging at the time. The hybrid approach of RMC seems like a better fit.

In any case, the challenge of RMC has always been appealing, especially the required athletics and bilingualism. I'm curious as to what I could expect as an independent adult entering into the culture of RMC. The FYOP experience is one thing, I'm just curious as to culture and just how limited OCdts are when it comes to weekend passes, free time, etc. I have no qualms about sacrificing free time and liberties (see experience) for studies and service, I'd just like an idea of what exactly I'd be giving up.

If I could make contact with an older OCdt attending RMC currently, or a third or fourth year OCdt that would be great. I'd appreciate some honest answers that are perhaps better suited to PM. FYOP ends, but what are the day-to-day adults at RMC are used to? I've been to college and faced some very restrictive timelines and a beast of a schedule and come out just fine. I realize that RMC is quite a unique experience both in the post-secondary studies area, and the military atmosphere. Anyone care to give me some insight, or an insider's perspective?
William Dillon Otter said:
What marks do you need for the military College?

Minimum academic average of 75% Snr Year Applicants and 70% for Jr Year Applicants.
For how your marks are calculated call and talk to recruiting centre. DO not take anyone posting here as gospel.

Two sons were accepted to RMC. One has graduated recently and pilot, other in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineer.

Both were told by recruiting centre that mark going forward was average from grade 10 - grade 12.  Were actually told mark that was going forward. Were both told that they were looking for individuals who demonstrated consistent high academic achievement.  This rather than someone who can "turn it on only when required".  Perhaps it helped that both had three maths and two sciences, but again talk to recruiting centre.

It may have changed since the younger one went through the process, but it does make sense.

As all RMC students have to take calculus and physics and chemistry  (even arts students), they may insist that all ROTP also and possibly DEO as well... but perhaps not....    Talk to the recruiting centre... And do realize that even if they currently say a certain thing that policies and requirements can change.

When it goes to a review board items that while not a requirement may be viewed very positively.  It is clearly in your best interest to make yourself the most attractive applicant that you possibly can be.
I'll post a few questions that perhaps anyone could answer:

Do you need a weekend pass to leave campus? (post-FYOP)

Since OCdts do not need jobs while studying, are weekends devoted mostly to self-guided study and free time (assuming no organized event is occurring)?

Is the social scene fairly insular? In my experience, specialized trainees (esp. in stressful programs) tend to band together for everything from study groups, hanging out, dating, and carpools/road trips.

Do the various years socialize with each other, or does seniority and or rank make this awkward/cliquey?
BeBraveBeProud said:
Now, if I were planning on applying to ROTP through a Civillian University, would these requirements still apply? Also, if I apply for ROTP or RMC after completion of one year of University, would these requirements still apply? And if so, how would I go about acquiring them? Online Course maybe?

Any information would be great.

As someone has applied out of college (an American one at that) I can tell you that applicants from colleges are judged on an individual basis. And that RMC will be more interested in your college marks than your high school marks, although they may still look at them.

As with everything though, YMMV.
People are in ROTP as pilots by attending a music degree. So yes, pretty much any degree will do. If you happen to currently attend a degree as ROTP, and find another area you are more interested in you can always write a memo to request a degree change, as long as your schooling years doesn't over extend because of the new degree.
MitchS said:

In page three of this document: http://www.kingsown.ca/Old%20Site/ROTP%20Quest%20Part%201_en.pdf It says that for the Pilot occupation, "Most Degree Programmes" are available for one's undergraduate degree... Does anyone know more specifically the acceptable degree programs? I would think Physics or Engineering - but would a Biology, Chemistry, or even Life Science degree program at a civvy university be acceptable? I only wonder because "Most Degree Programmes" is really vague.



First, this link is incredibly old and while there may be some accuracies it should most definitely not be a primary source of information.

Second, speak to a recruiter about your specific occupation's "preferred degrees" as these may be different than "acceptable degrees". This difference can actually mean the difference between a valid and invalid ROTP contract on your end. (PS: This is not meant to scare anyone, just meant to be informative.)

Third, as far as I have been able to gather from recruiters and these forums, the only UNacceptable degrees for occupations such as pilot, infantry, etcetera are Kinesiology degrees. This could easily have changed (again) though, so again speak to a recruiter!

Fourth, good luck!
To add a little more to what Goose15 was saying: In order to pursue ROTP for Pilot, the current ROTP entry standard is that an applicant must attain unconditional acceptance into an 'ideal' degree program. As a Direct Entry Officer, a wider variety of degree options are accepted.

Contact your local recruiting centre to find out what the current ideal degree choices are.
Did anyone else notice that the moodle link on the RMC website is broken? What seems to be the problem?
Fadiko said:
Did anyone else notice that the moodle link on the RMC website is broken? What seems to be the problem?

Moodle sometimes goes down. It was working on Saturday and I suspect that it will be up and running Monday morning.
Hi I'm trying to get into the RMC and on PDF im filling out I have to choose an occupational Preference and I don't understand what most of them mean. I've looked them. Please help and here are my options.

00178 - 21 - ARMD - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00179 - 22 - ARTY - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00180 - 23 - INF - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00181 - 24 - ENGR - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00182 - 31 - ANAV - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 9
00183 - 32 - PLT - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 12
00184 - 39 - AEC - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00185 - 41 - AERE - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00187 - 43 - EME - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00189 - 46 - AF ENGR - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00190 - 49 - PHY TH - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 9
00191 - 51 - DENT - DEO/ROTP - VIE 4/VIE 10
00192 - 48 - HCA - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00193 - 52 - HSO Receptor - MOC - No VIE
00194 - 54 - PHARM - DEO/ROTP - VIE 4/VIE 9
00195 - 57 - NUR - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00196 - 55 - MED - DEO/MOTP - VIE 5/VIE 12
00197 - 56 - BIO - DEO - VIE 6
00198 - 58 - SOCW - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 9
00200 - 61 - CHAP(P) - DEO/MCTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00201 - 62 - CHAP(RC) - DEO/CTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00203 - 66 - PAFF - DEO - VIE 6
00204 - 67 - LEGAL - DEO/MLTP - VIE 4/VIE 13
00207 - 71 - MARS - DEO/ROTP - VIE 8/VIE 12
00208 - 72 - PSEL - DEO - VIE 6
00210 - 75 - MUSC Receptor - MOC - No VIE
00211 - 74 - TRG DEV - DEO - VIE 6
00213 - 82 - INT Receptor - MOC - No VIE
00214 - 81 - MPO - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00328 - 78 - LOG - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00340 - 83 - CELE (AIR) - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 9
00341 - 84 - SIGS - DEO/ROTP - VIE 9/VIE 13
00344 - 87 - NCS ENG - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00345 - 88 - MS ENG - DEO/ROTP - VIE 6/VIE 10
00346 - 89 - NAV ENG Receptor - MOC - No VIE
I suggest you do some research on the various trades at www.forces.ca.

And Mods, perhaps this should be moved to one of the RMC/ROTP threads?
So let me get this straight. You are applying to get paid to get a university degree (also paid for) at one of the top education institutions in the country, and afterwards potentially lead up to 30 soldiers in combat, yet you go to an anonymous, unofficial website to have some random bloke spell out the occupations for you?

I'll be that chump.

The first number is the MOSID, just a code for the trade.
The second number is the MOC, again just another code. Don't worry about those numbers.
The third column is the abbreviated name for the trade. I'm not going to spoon feed you and tell you what they all are.
The fourth column is the entry plan, either Direct Entry Officer (off the street) or ROTP (surely you know what that is).
The fifth column describes the initial contract for either entry plan. The Variable Initial Engagement.

Hi guys. I am new to this forum, been lurking around for some time now.  Since i am new to this forum, i will give you guys some general information about me. I am 15 years old with good grades, and some sport related activities, and some volunteer work done. My question is, what do you think my chances are of getting into ROTP? I know right now there are ton of ROTP applicants, but I'm hoping when i apply in about a year and a half(I'm turning sixteen in a few months)that there will be less competition and the number of applicants will go down. I am currently getting a 83% average, I was on the cross country team, I am currently taking swimming classes,( At bronze cross right now) I haven't got many volunteer hours done, i picked up garbage this one time. in the next year and a half I'm hoping to beef up my application, by doing more volunteer work, and going for more sports teams, also joining clubs that involve leadership, also increasing my grades. Currently my occupational interests are 1. Pilot( I'm not sure this will be a realistic goal because of all the people applying for this position) 2. armored officer 3. artillery officer. what do you guys think my chances are of getting in as a pilot, and if not pilot, my other two options. tnx
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