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Release from the PRes and applying for another trade later


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I got an offer for intelligence operator, an NCM trade. However, I'm currently finishing my undergrad, and I'd like to become an officer afterwards, maybe in a different field. I know that IntO positions are very limited and extremely competitive and so is CFR. I really wanted to get EMEO, but all the positions for this year have been filled already.

I'm wondering if I can be released after 4-5 years as IntOp, then re-enroll but for another trade. Is this allowed, or will they want me to do the same job after I re-enroll?

Another option that I have is to wait until next year to apply for EMEO again next year.

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you have time to finish your education and complete your basic training and trades training?

If so get basic out of the way, get loaded on your trades training.

Get the job skills and the experience.

Then once your education is complete and you wish to change trades and go officer, apply for the CFR ( education and time in really counts in checking the boxes as much as everything else. Also you do not go down in pay level, you will earn the higher of the 2 pay levels )

In 4 to 5 years you have no idea what trades would be open as officers or NCMs, no one really know what will be the requirements or needs that far down the road.

You would not have to release and reapply to change trades, remuster is the term I believe in use.

There could be other trades that come along that might interest you more than what interests you.

But getting your foot in the door now and the length of time it is taking to get in the door, you might not want to go thru that again.

You are in the door, no point closing it now just to try and reopen it in a couple years.

So here is my advice.

Take the NCM offer, finish your degree and then remuster and Commission from the Ranks.
The applicable plan is the Special Commissioning Plan (SCP), not CFR and not SRCP. DAOD 5002-11 has the information you are looking for.