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Reserves to Regular Force

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Hi, first time poster. I have been considering enlisting for sometime now but I just have a few questions.

I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have a few family obligations at the moment (new child). I was wondering if it is possible to join the reserves and then upgrade to the regular force maybe a year from now?

I am also not 100% on exactly what career path I want to take at the moment as well, it is also possible to say enlist as an infantry NCM for my period in the reserves and then chose to pursue a MP Officer commission when I want to enter the regular force?

Also I tried searching but I had difficulty locating where basic training takes place for the reserves. Is there a local area in or near Winnipeg, or would I have to go across the country for this?

I have every intention of joining the regular force eventually, but I have a few commitments that are keeping me close to home at the moment.

Thank you for taking the time.

Michael OLeary

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For switching between Reserves and Regular Force, search on Component Transfer.

site:army.ca Component Transfer

Yes, you can apply for an officer classification when you wish to transfer, it will add complexities to the process but is not impossible as long as you meet the recruiting requirements for that classification.

Basic training is conducted by units in local garrisons and nearby training areas. It is very unlikely that you would have to cross the country to do it.