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Reservists in AFG

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Aww I was just poking a wee bit oh fun  ;D

Honestly it's not the individuals as I pointed out (Some are junk but I can find junk down the road from where I work too) It's the training and the system that makes them substandard. They lack the time dedicated to making them good.
BulletMagnet said:
Other then me eh Bruce....  ;)

Having done my Mod 6 on a course made up entirely of PRes soldiers minus myself, I can say that openly and honestly I was not impressed not even a little. Now this is not an individual thing, many of the candidates have amazing potential that if they had the proper training and time they would excellent soldiers. The issue is they are not trained properly NO  they are not up to a reg force standard they do very well with the training they do get but it's not GOOD training.

Because of this I still remain unimpressed with with any Res soldier I have worked beside (excluding those who we sent a year getting ready to comeon TF 3-06 with us to get them to a proper standard). Again it's not that he individual soldiers are junk (well a few were ome Tor Scot comes to mind) just the system that creates them is. And it comes down simply to those who do it professionally and those who play at it.

And I will take exception to your remarks. I've spent over 30 years in the uniform of the CF. At one time I would have agreed. Not now. As a CSM, I have a direct say in who goes and who does not go on tour with the Regular Force. I will NOT send thudf%cks. I've gotten feedback from my associates in the Regular Force and they are very happy with our PRes troops. As for the system, did you take the time on the end course critique to point out where improvements could be made?
Did a Mod 6....good for you. Did you spend any time assisting those who weren't up to your standard?

Ok,Bruce, and why is that? I truly believe there is a line in the sand between the reserves and the reg forces. I am soon to be a CIC officer( you can stop laughing now). My twin brother is a reg forces tech in the 2nd PPCLI. He often refers to me as a 'toon'(future type C1A1). You will understand the context I am sure. This is the attitudes of some(not all) regular forces troops in regards to their reservist brothers in arms. It is an attitude that I as a reservist tolerated whe I served in the 80's and 90's. You know the looks you get when you walk into the mess and all the reg force guys are there, having a drink, you walk by and casually say 'hey, how are ya', and they all look at you like" what the f@#$ are you doing in here?". It happens, I get it. But times are-a-changing, and I fear that attitudes are the last to make the transition to the 'Total Force' concept. Just my two cents. Ubique
This is getting dangerously close to the reasoning for all the other locked threads on the same old dead horse subject. As a matter of fact, if nothing different or earth shattering comes along soon, it'll be locked, with the normal caveats, for running out of steam and before it degenerates to the usual name calling.

Milnet.ca Staff

Hours and hours, did every single patrol not one cycle off, lead study groups and taught after hours lessons to impart skills that were lacking...BTW I topped it

For the record that's not all the interaction I have had with PRes soldiers and I stand by my comments.

As for sending Junk not a single troop i did TF 3-06 with were junk they had great potential which after having a years worth of training with their reg F counter parts saw that potential reached.

I raised many many issues with the course staff up to and Including the LCol in change of Leadership and Training Coy LFCA oh and Deputy Cmnd LFCA to which with the course staff I received we know you just have to work with them and help them out... to the standard answer you just gave from the highers in the system  (The LCol for example) Don;t sell them short a few years ago maybe yadda yadda, same song and dance no change guess what it doesn't hold water. When we are doing weapons and troops say  (these are you future MCpls btw)  we don;t have that weapon we don't learn it or I have never lead a section attack before well guess what they shouldn't be on this course. The good ones spent the extra time with course staff and myself learning what they were  missing.

I stand by my comments, I am unimpressed with the PRes system and the soldiers it creates full stop.
I think that "line in the sand" was a lot more prevelent in our time because it was easy for us Reg force guys to keep that air of superiority because, for the most part, very few of us would ever have had to count on a 'toon' to watch our backs.

They do so on a "regular" basis now.....
I am not saying the Pres soldiers are not dedicated nor lcking enthusiasm or even the potential I am saying they do not have the time needed to be trained porperly. Given the time and the resources and by time I mean the time wht Reg soldiers have they make excellent first class soldiers, many have a great deal of potential they are simply let down by the system.

Bruce Monkhouse said:
I think that "line in the sand" was a lot more prevelent in our time because it was easy for us Reg force guys to keep that air of superiority because, for the most part, very few of us would ever have had to count on a 'toon' to watch our backs.

They do so on a "regular" basis now.....

Absolutely Bruce I walked into hell with many of them I made my wa to one of them because as my brother I saw he was hurt. I hate to say one of them because after th year we spent getting ready it wasn't a they and us mentality it was a brother.
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