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RMC Admission Requirements for Current University Students


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Hi all,

I have gotten some great answers here regarding the application process, however, there is one thing I am still quite confused about regarding ROTP/RMC applications.

I was rejected from RMC after passing my CFAT, due to not meeting the Highschool academic requirements.

Now I am currently enrolled in first year university. If I reapply to ROTP next year, will they still look at my Highschool Transcripts or will my university grades be taken as priority?

According to the RMC website, you need 75% minimum in some specific classes for Grade 12, which I do not have. Would I need to take these classes as well as my university classes? Or would stellar university grades 'override' these requirements?

I will definitely contact CFRC and possibly RMC for clarification as well, just curious if anyone here has input on this.

Thank you.