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ROTP 2010-2011

The funny part is that your average RMC cadet will spend a sizeable portion of his time doing all the things you mentioned. This ain't exactly a college of Übermensch you know.  8)
I don't know....in fact I don't even know what that word is or means.  Übermensch?
Super man in german, not the superhero, but the nietzschean concept. In any case, I'm simply telling you not to come expecting to be outperformed by RMC students (you won't be in the same platoon anyway), if you've been training properly, you should do just fine.
Wait, what?! You mean drinking beer and watching tv isn't part of BMOQ?! Damn, I've been training for the wrong things this whole time... ;D
Hey you never know, they might just through in some Flip cup during morning PT. Better train for that possibility.
Don't forget about Beer Pong either. I'm heavily trained in both of those "Physical Activities" so I'm thinking morning PT will be a breeze...

I'm just wondering if it will be standard to have a stack of red beer cups on everyone's desk?...
yes and they'll expect the cups to be perfectly washed out and stacked in a single stack on the right hand corner of the desk. And don't forget to dust around those cups for inspection :p