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ROTP selections FY 2020-2021


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I applied to the ROTP program in October 2019 for the position of Infantry Officer. I am currently competition listed. When I spoke to the recruiter, he said some selections were made. I was curious to know if anyone received and offer?
I did my interview for InfO in mid feb. At that time there were 3 positions filled. But i have not received an offer.
Ok. Hope you get an offer soon. The recruiter said there were no selections made for Infantry and Armoured yet. There is selection happening in April but the date has not yet been decided.
Hey guys,

I applied and finished my medical + interview during February. It shows "Ready for Competition List" on my file. What's the difference between Ready for Competition list and Competition list?
An applicant is placed in the Competition List when all the mandatory tests such as aptitude test, interview and medical examination are cleared. So selections are made from this list. If it says, ready for the Competition list, you are just a step behind in getting into the Competition list. This could be because the CAF put the names into the Competition list once every 2 or 3 weeks. So you should be in the Competition list soon.
Does anyone know when Infantry officer positions are offered for ROTP? I mean like is it the last occupation that recruiters send offers for or something like that?
The ROTP Selections happen throughout April to May. Some people from last year received their offer at the very end of May. I am not sure about if specific jobs get their offers first but there are people who have received their offers at a later date. From last year, I know some people who got their offer in February and some who got theirs in May.
The main selections for RMC are in April with 2nd-round selections in May. Some early offers are given out prior to candidates that are exceptionally competitive.
First round of selections occurred last Friday, April 17th. Offers should be rolling in soon, I read "Selected" on the online portal so perhaps they will be tendered soon. Hopefully we receive the call in coming weeks, it would be nice to hear some good news during these times. Good luck everyone.

I just checked my process status for ROTP and it says selected.
Does that mean I will be receiving an offer soon?

Thank you
tr1234 said:
What trade did you get chosen for?

I'm not sure which occupation yet as it only specifies whether my file was selected.

JoNugget said:
what portal are you mentionning?

The CAF Online Employment Application (OEA). I remember using it for the validation portion of the application as well. It shows the process status of your file, pretty handy.

here's the link: https://www.prod-recruiting-recrutement.forces.gc.ca/ 

Fair warning its downright laggy and I can only get it to login on my phone
Most likely, you get selected for your first occupation preference. Do you mind telling us what was your first occupation preference?
Congratulations. You will be receiving an offer very soon. May I know what was your first occupation preference?

Thank you
Yeah I gotcha, my occupation preference is Infantry then Engineer Officer, could go either way though. Depends which one I ranked higher on the list. I had to drop my third aircrew trade (AEC) because there wasn't enough time for the air-factor medical. What occupations did you choose if I may ask?
Ye sure, I chose Infantry as first, Armoured as second and Artillery as third, but I don't see "selected" on my portal. The recruiter said I was competitive and have a strong chance. I think I'll have further wait and see.