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Round 2!


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I applied back in 2008 to join the reserves.  I periodically checked back, but my app was stuck in pre-security clearance.  From what I have been told at my local CFRC, it was never sent off as the trades I applied for had closed.  I was informed that it costs somewhere in the area of $600 to get the whole thing processed, so generally they won't bother sending it off if you can't be placed.  Made sense to me.

I recently visited the CFRC again, and was informed that my application was closed and I would have to start over again.  This time I know that they are hiring for the trades I want, so it's just a matter of getting the application to them ASAP. 

I understand the the only thing that will likely hold up my application is an 8-month stint in China. 

So hear I go again!  Round 2.  Here's to hoping that the second time round is the charm!       
I feel your pain. Right now I'm on my 4th application. And this is just Infantry Reserves. First time I applied, I was determined to be medically unfit. After I was medically fit, I applied again and there were no positions at the unit I was applying for. So I decided to apply for ROTP / RMC and I missed the Officer qualification by 2 points on the Aptitude test, so that file was closed. So I applied for the reserves again after learning that there were new positions. So this file is in the process and I think I'm going to get in this time.
So I do know how you feel, this is round 4 for me.
Good Luck Man!  I hope 4th time is the charm for you. 

Having to start over may be a blessing in disguise for me. I recently started working at an aviation-related firm, making a move to the Air Force an increasingly logical choice.