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RSM CWO Norman Perry Wheat ( LdSH(RC) )


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Well where to start, First off my Granddad N.P. Wheat recently passed away, I have two huge books of pictures and info about him, Its a long shot but although I knew him very well I'm looking for people who knew him during his time in the Army, His Last posting was at Lord Strathcona's Horse in Calgary, Alberta.
He was the RSM with the rank of CWO. If you think you might know him or someone who does, Or even just want more info, Please don't hesitate to message me,

Also If you, or your father/Grandfather were ever part of the Lord Strath's I have Pictures dating back all past '54. (not all were Strathcona's) I have basic training, It might take me a while but I'm sure i might come across a picture or two, While going throughout the books in the next day or two i will try and make a list of all the training he did and where, Who knows i might have a picture of someone you know.

Thanks for your time everyone

Jeffrey J.P. Wheat