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Rucksacks, MOLLE 2 and Jump Rucks


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More crap to sell as I near the end of my army time!

First a US Army Molle 2 Gen 4 in woodland camo. Very rare only 2000 made before the switch to ACU. Two rucks in one with small assault ruck riding on large ruck. Comes with radio pocket, sleep system compression bag, 2 side mounted sustainment pouches, canteen pouch. Small ruck has hydration pocket and Foam backpad.  The main bag, the frame and the waist belt are new and un-used.  The rest is used in excellent shape. 

So what does it do?  Take the large bag off the frame and you have a suitcase, add the shoulder straps from the small ruck to the large ruck bag and you have a sports duffle bag.  The frame without the bag has 2 cargo straps and a variety of attachment points to carry jerry cans, MRE boxes and ammo tins for re-supplying that mountain goat hunt camp.  Put the bag back on the frame, undo the divider between compartments, line with a trash bag and hump that trophy mountain goat out of the mountains. 



$150 plus shipping

Cp gear Gen 3 bag on an ALICE frame with the newest gen 4 straps and padding; comfy ruck. All pockets have a pull spring weather cover under their lids.  New, never used.  $180 plus shipping.



Dropzone tactical bag on p64 frame with p82 shoulder straps and ALICE waist belt. The bag alone is $270 new from Dropzone Tactical of Edmonton.  4 Molle pouches included for the outside.  Classic Canadian paratrooper rig up.  $175.


Roger, more pics inbound this evening.  The sleep compression sack has 3 bands around the bag and 2 bands to compress the length of the bag.  Simliar to the CP Gear sack but a light nylon material in black. 
Sale pending on Cp gear Gen 3 bag on an ALICE frame with the newest gen 4 straps and padding
Drop Zone Tactical is the last remaining ruck. Price Drop $100 plus the shipping. I am also looking for a excellent condition cordura C1 bag if you want to trade