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Russian binoculars with coloured filters.

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A friend of mine loaned me a pair of Russian ZOMZ БПЦ 7 x 50 binoculars (see attached photo) that were made in 1874. What is interesting is that they binos come with two sets filters ( one orange and one green) that clip over the eyepieces. 

I suspect the orange ones are for dusk or dawn or possibly inclement weather. As for the green filters I have no idea. I've searched the internet and found info on the binos, but nothing as to what the filters are used for.

So, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows anything about what the filters are for.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I find it interesting they have English on them as well as Cyrillic.
I wonder if they are early attempts at making the binos laser safe:

Laser Safety Glasses Selection Guide
Laser safety glasses and goggles are designed to reduce hazardous laser eye exposure to safe and permissible levels by providing an optical density (OD) that attenuates the laser you are working with, while allowing enough visible light transmission (VLT) for comfortable visibility in a lab.  We offer the highest quality laser eyewear from Honeywell and Laservision in a wide variety of different frame styles and Optical Densities suitable for most photonics applications.  Please see our Laser Safety Glasses Selection Guide for additional information.
So just some generic filter info

Most coloured filters are for blocking different wavelengths of visible light.
Each colour will block a different specific wavelength, giving you better contrast while viewing your chosen object. You see this a lot in star gazing, which can use many different colurs, to reduce "light polution"

So its a pretty safe bet that your green filter does similar things as the orange and yellow, just for a different  wavelength of light.
Maybe the rose-coloured lenses are for people who want to stay even further back from that horrible reality stuff.  :pop:
Thanks for the info guys and my apologies over the crappy post. I was modifying the posting and didn't realize I had saved it to the forum. I have re-posted with photo included.
CanadianTire said:
I find it interesting they have English on them as well as Cyrillic.

Actually, after posting I did some more research and found that during that time period it was quite common (and not just in Russia) to mark the place of manufacturing in English.