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Snugpak bergen, 5 pocket jump ruck bag


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For sale: snugpak bergen, Olive drab.  I cut off the silly belly band "hip belt" as well as the rain covers.  I use drybags.  If I manage to find them I'll throw them in.  Molded the compression straps to have quick release buckles. Also added longer/stronger aluminum stays. 

Includes the bergen side pouches.

$40 plus shipping. PM for Pics.


Olive Drab 5 pocket jump ruck, bag only.  Bought for wife but her unit will only allow 82 pattern style rucksack.  I added drainage grommets to the main compartment and pouches.  Bag is barely used. Light scratches on the plastic buckles.

Pm for Pics.

$50 plus shipping.

Local to Petawawa.

Thanks for looking.