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So You Want to be an officer, eh!

PPCLI Guy said:
The only true general statement is that, other than pilot trades, you will always be a leader.

This is the most untrue statement ever created.
Is it true that if you have a university degree, the recruiters will try to encourage you to be an officer?

Which trades can one apply for as an officer that is irrespective of which university degree you have?
HeyJhon said:
Hi everyone,

first of all, sorry for my bad english, I am doing all my possible to be understandable.

So, I actually would like to join Forces as MARS or Pilot. As far as I know,anyone with a Bachelor's degree is eligible for these MOS by direct entry. ( The MARS officer I once spoke to at school told me there was other MARS graduate in letters, history, mathematic, french... )

I really would like to do one of these military job but, only for somes years in active duty, then, I would move to reserve while being medic, which is the civil job that I WANT to do too.

Alors (I am out of synonyme for "So" in english!), with this plan, would I be eligible  to go to CMR of Saint-Jean-Sur-Le-Richelieu, do my CEGEP (pre-university), then do my BACH in medecine in civil university and serve as MARS/Pilot or should I only study in civil before apply to direct entry?

Thank you for your time, have a nice day and again, sorry for my horrible english.

I have a Bachelor of Religious Education (which is, in practice, a degree in the history and anthropology of religion), which was deemed to be suitable (so far as I've been able to determine). I was even asked if it counted as a degree in divinity, which would have made it easier to seek a chaplaincy - not that I would wish to do so.