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SOLD- : Metal hardware for plaques and trophies - various units across Canada

stoker dave

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At the estate sale of a deceased Canadian Lt General, I spotted the metal hardware from various trophies and plaques that had been presented to the General.  Presumably these are from gifts and mementos given to the General as he visited various units across Canada.  Suitable for you to make your own trophy or plaque. 

I don't know / recognize all the units, but the ones I can read or recognize are (working top to bottom, left to right in the photo):

- RMC cadets (2)
- medical branch
- Calgary Highlanders
- "Freely We Serve" (image of a wolf?)
- Bagotville
- Scottish Regiment of Canada
- Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke
- 412 Sqn
- "In Concordia Vertus"
- VR1
- Royal Canadian Dragoons
- (a crown - maybe part of something else?)
- Fusiliers du St Laurent
- bird and anchor (maybe US navy or marines?)
-  "In Concordia Vertus"
- "Virtus Nostra Ferrum"
- "etat-major des armees" (sword and two crossed anchors)
- "apprendre a servier" (image of a sword in laurel wreath?)
- "Atlantic - Cives ac praesertim milites" (image of a plow, a sword and chevron?)

Additional photos can be provided upon request.  Most are slightly worn. 

I have no idea what these are worth.  Pay postage and make a donation to charity and they are yours.  Would prefer to let go of all at once not one at a time.  Located in Ottawa.  Total weight about 1 kg. 


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"etat-major des armees" (sword and two crossed anchors) . . . there's also wings

That's the French version of NDHQ

"In Concordia Vertus" [sic]

That was Canadian Forces Europe
Virtus Nostra Ferrum - That was the old Hamilton Militia District before the modern reserve brigades were stood up in the 1990s (the tiger is the giveaway).
This hardware is no longer available - I gave it to 'Walt' who promised to make a donation to the food bank.  Good job, Walt!