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Some advice and a question


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1.) During the step test, how long does it last?

2.) Do you have any advice on how I can prepare for the grip test?
My step test was two three minute sessions with a minute break between.

The grip test: get a set of hand grips (two grips held together by a tight spring -looks like a letter V); do chin-ups with palms facing away from you (careful at first, you can strain yourself easily if you get too excited about it); sit so your legs are ben 90 degrees (i.e at the end f your bed), place your forearm on your arm so your palm faces up, place your hand so yo can bend it back at the wrist, using a a weight slowly curl your hand up to your forearm.

That worked for me.
For my grip test my right hand was slightly stronger than my left hand and the recruiter said "all those times alone at night finally payed off eh!" LOL all of the guys (including me) got a good chuckle out of that.

But seriously the grip test isn't anything to worry about, I'm pretty sure anyone could do it.