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Soviet era mapping of the West


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While this may have been discussed before, I have not found any mention.

During the Soviet era, the USSR created hyper detailed maps of many Western cities. Those maps were almost like the Google Maps of its day, as they not only documented every street and avenue, but also the measurements and proportions between buildings. As to "why", tone semi plausible reason is these were meant to be used to administer regions after they fell through non or limited violent means like internal subversion. Certainly they would not be of much use when planning a nuclear attack against the West, and they don't resemble Western military topographical city maps either. The other reason is these may have been meant for use by the actual subversives, or for Spetsnaz troops to use for planning to mobilize and utilize Western radicals to  carry out attacks and other destabilizing operations.

Intersting article and website here: https://www.sovietmaps.com/overview