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''Sweden will join NATO – I am absolutely convinced of that'' -Aspiring Head of Govt Ulf Kristenssen

Sweden will open the door to NATO membership after a change of power in the autumn, and a NATO option will be issued by a new M-led government. This message is given by Ulf Kristersson in Expressen's party leader interview.

"No one can say that S will have a veto over this forever," he says.

The Conservatives are also preparing a series of reforms to allow decisions to be made on new nuclear reactors.

"The unique thing now is that we can have a government base and a government that is unequivocal on the issue," he says.

At the same time, Ulf Kristersson does not want to answer which parties will sit in his government, and does not rule out a moderate one-party government after the election.

Three weeks old news but still seems especially relevant in the current circumstances.

Sweden has a proportional electoral system, in which his right-wing coalition sits at about 48% (vs 49%, Left-wing, 3% Others) support according to the latest polling (which occurred in early Feb - it is probable that the Russian invasion may have swayed public opinion).

The election will be held in September, as the coalition stands one seat away from the majority and executive power (174/175, out of 349 total seats).
Promise that they will absolutely do this and a lot more if they don't get in, but will listen to NATO members requests if they do get accepted.
They are going to dump them to Ukraine to bring their fleet in line with most of the other NATO nations.

Saab has a lot more irons in the fire that will be more lucrative than an orphan fighter.