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The army08 Medical Mega Trauma Thread


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So, I've loosely been following the CF and it seems that budgets are being chopped, with lots going into equipment acquisition. There is roll down in Afghanistan with no publically disclosed operations on land, thus more applicable to the army side of joint forces.

Personally I applied for the reserve in 08 but got hung up on the medical as I went to a few doctors but each time I was told to find a new doctor, and after the 2nd or 3rd I didn't have any more doctors. I ran into this same problem in applying for a firearm, I was told I needed to get a doctor to sign off on it, but I don't have a doctor. I will be looking for a clinic to do the firearms stuff, and if the doctor signs off on that, I would figure they may also sign off on the CF stuff.

Thing is I just turned 33 which is ancient for entry. I really am not prime, my knees can wear down and be noticiable after a few days of back to back running distance. Doing a 60-80km or so ruckmarch hike this past summer I stressed out my ankle.

Are things so tight that even with a medical I'd just be taking some young persons spot. I'm really only interested in reserve as I don't really like political killing but I'm all for defence of society using martial force is required and helping people in emergencies.

Problem for the reserves is that I am 300km from the nearest reserve city in Northern Ontario, its quite a drive or cost about $130 to bus back and forth. Also I think it is run out of Winnipeg now.

I don't feel confident about joining reg force due to the history of foreign deployments over the last couple decades which arn't a lot, there is just so much bad PR and human rights problems often due to close operations with USF.

At the same time I'm wondering if there are any legal non CF reserve militia organizations in Canada that are legal. I've read about some in quebec that are being monitored by intel and counterintel due to militias being branded militant and often ideological organizations. None the less I'd like to train and be prepared, I'm growing into being a prepper and am keen on survivalism but with budget cuts, the medical clearance an aging body, and there being lots of younger people that could benefit from the training for the same purpose.

Any tips on how I could proceed?

I have got a degree now but I've aged out for officer trades I think at this point, so it would only NC trades.

I honestly feel a little disempowered with being medically non eligible, I just sense that if I don't prepare through the government than it may just make issues. 

IMO though the only real medical issue is mild lactose intolerance that makes me a little gaseous if I eat a substantial amount of processed foods containing lactose, which is in a lot of foods.

I don't know I've ended back at this site, as I got into a chat with someone who was trying to get in, and it is playing in the back of my mind. I want to, but I don't think it will happen.

OK long winded...

this is where I'm at
find a doctor willing to sign off on the CFO medical form, if I can't find one to let me own a gun, I won't find one to let me kill people with one.
set myself up with some type of non- no fixed address living in the bush on the outskirts of town address in the reserve operating area within a distance I can jog to, or find a regforce trade such as comm or firefighter that I think my chances of patrol hunter ops will be less likely so the moral issues associated with foreign occupation will not be as applicable.

None the less...
total waste of time or do you have any suggestions on trades and locations that may actually be of benefit to operations?

Simple answer, which was given to me many years ago and has stuck since then.....

"Soldier first, tradesmen later......"

So if you are looking for employment with the CF in a "non-combat arms" occupation?  You will still be expected to perform the standard "soldiering" duties just like everyone else, which fall within the realm of "combat related".

Unless you join DND as a civilian....
Aged-out for Officer trades at 33?  Hardly.

The rest of your post was all over the place.

But I agree with DAA.
You can't get a firearms license due to a medical issue, yet your "only real medical issue is lactose intolerance"?? Yeah, I bet there's more to that story.
I'm being honest. I had a crisis situation about 10 years ago and the doctor had a personal vendetta and misdiagnosed, cool story, huh?

None the less I really pissed off the wrong people, none the less, I soon after got a second opinion and it eventually sorted out as "does not support original diagnosis." The original diagnosis was total bollocks. You may have had the situation of reading a report and seeing out of context information, hearsay, and complete fabrication, well that's what its all about. I've dealt with a lot of such nonsense.

I've applied anyway online for regforce, as stated I don't think it will go through. I'm pretty sure a CSIS secret clearance will come into play eventually and if they depend on paperwork or people who have openly falsified documentation either by out of context reporting, nonexistence of evidence, or fabrication of evidence, then the clearance will fail.

Ah, and I also have an assault charge on record, for yes again, a consipracy and purgered trial in which someone said I pushed them whilst attempting to buy a pack of cigarettes, but only appearing 23, about 10 years ago. I am eligible for pardon, but I won't recognize it and I've been suggested to have a special appeal as I was unable to get the royal prerogative without exhausting appeals. The courts would not investigate or press the charges related to the purgery, which I pursued soon after, and my appeals at the time were ignored. None the less, I did not 150% honest do what they said I did.  The judge even admitted in open court to making a false statement about my statements as grounds for conviction and changed the opinion that took many weeks to determine on the fly.

Didn't aim to write a novel so one line paragraphs were sufficient for the particulars.

None the less I've put in the application, now I need to decide if I feel like putting down the $10 or $15 for my University transcript and postage.

I really don't want to cut my hair anyway.  Totally convinced the application will NOT go ahead.

What I don't get is why they don't have a "I will take any trade" option.

None the less, as far as medical qualifiers I'm pretty sure I should qualify. I'm pretty sure CSIS will bomb me though because people are adversive to myself, and I wouldn't trust myself with a secret clearance. Not because I'm not trustworthy just because I don't understand how I would need it, and why the heck would you give a new clearance access to non need to know information? It makes no sense.  :)

Seriously, why are you wasting everyone's time, and internet bandwidth here? You appear to be a terrible candidate, and we don't have a "I will take any trade" option because we don't "take everyone that applies". If you're too lazy to research a trade that interests you, then maybe you're too lazy for the CF.
Cool story bro! Anticipating for you to give us Chapter 3. Historic wall-o-text!
At the end of the day, he has just as good a chance as anyone else who submits an application.  While he clearly feels compelled to present every possible reason why he won't be a successful applicant to the CF, the only way to really put these reasons to the test, is to actually submit an application and then follow through with it.

I am sure he is not the only person who has ever said "They won' take me".........
PuckChaser - I'm here because this is where I ended up. None the less, I think I'd be great for the CF. It is only a question of how many other great people are out there.

Seriously though. I'm actually very well qualified in my previous training and experience, and education and personal interests have exposed me to quite a bit of military and intelligence related materials, although to a large extent US information. 

I think I'm instilled with the joinder due to having family, friends, and acquaintances who have been involve in national defence. All of them have been incredibly positive in general about their experience.

I've also read recently about fat uneducated people being selected, not sure if you read the news reports. You know I'm the type who own my own field equipment, gas mask, etc.. living off the land as much as possible, etc..

But why here at this site, I've been a member for years, and I think the board has given a lot of good info in the past. I'm not totally sure what recruiting is like at the moment, there was a drive during Afghanistan but everything I've read and gotten by word of mouth recently is that there is a real scale back, and I expect that entry must have gotten a lot higher standards, and may continue to increase as forces load out on equipment to replace the non accounted gear, trucks, ships, planes, whateverelsethereis etc..

I would like to help, being profiled and risking even more danger just for being prepared for the worse or not having access to the tools, equipment and training to be successful in mitigating disaster whether man made or natural just makes no sense. I also now that I've graduated have a greater realization of more direct inputs of contribution to the world around me.  None the less I don't see if successful joining the forces as just a skeet shoot on head sized objects from 800m, it is really just about contributing capacity for society to succeed.

pretty basic questions though, is anyone hiring and if so what trades? I know ask local right... I've already put out the question to the local, but am wondering if trades like electrical and mechanical engineer, singals, intel and engineer are maxed out. also is the officer engineer equiv as officer combat engineer?  I'd expect that trade quals on missions could be various based on operation requirements - however, is there anywhere or any words from members on what would be expected operationally for those sorts of trades. (and yes i realize the cf site specifically has open and closed postings on their site, but that is very vague, and not indicative of quantitative needs if that is not classified information)

I submited the application because I would follow through, I've been willing to serve for over 5 years now, however I have had, and continue to have some geopolitical reservations. I'm a moral individual, and I do have issues of conscience when it comes to human rights. I was against the grounds of Afghanistan - I felt it was consolidated and the public was lied to. I have a general idea of what to expect in terms of potential military deployments over the term of service since I have had I feel enough exposure to the situational development, I don't think there will be any suprises. I also think this is really getting close to the end of the line for modern warfare.

Also in terms of the 33 age out thing, it is due to what I sense from other militaries on aging out for officer at about 30 it starts being a factor for example the French Foreign Legion. I think they have 35 as their officer age out. I recall something a few years back in the CFs old reqs about 30 being the officer entry under education plan, I could be wrong on that though. There is a definate bias in some programs between Youth and "Mature" people.

I have to see a doctor for the gun stuff anyway. I stopped the process last time because I didn't want to spread my inaccurate medical records further.

/end wall of text/
Age is not a barrier to enrolment and hasn't been for quite sometime.  So being in your early 30's and joining is not uncommon these days and you should not consider it as a barrier.

The CF enrolment objectives (ie; hiring) for this year are not much different from last year and probably won't be much different next year.  People retire and or move on and need to be replaced, it's what we call "attrition" and it is pretty much what the CF hiring numbers are based on year after year.

So regardless of what you read in the news, it has no impact on CF hiring.  Things are pretty steady and will remain steady.

I hope you do follow up on your application and do what is asked!  You never know what the outcome will be, until you try!
Very true DAA, it will go ahead if I can find a doctor to screen my medical.

Here is a good offshoot question though

Is the CFO medical requirements any different than the CF medical requirements, that is to restate, is it easier to pass a firearms possession clearance, or a Canadian Forces employment clearance?

Perhaps a stupid question but a curiosity none the less.

I know there really is no telling but perhaps you have an opinion.

Needed to add, I'll be posting off as soon as I get things together once back in Canada and my transcript arrives perhaps end of Oct, I'm hoping to get in the intro screening at local before the end of November. I'm thinking things should progress pretty well but know that there is a bit of a delay on scheduling things.

AND more..

is a closed file cleared of data? would a closed file then be reopened?
is there a period that test data scores etc.. remain valid if files are not cleared when closed?
i.e. if testing such as aptitude has been done already do you retest?

in general if someone has previous applied in the past is the file just reopened and updated or is it done from scratch again?
army08 said:
Very true DAA, it will go ahead if I can find a doctor to screen my medical.

Here is a good offshoot question though

Is the CFO medical requirements any different than the CF medical requirements, that is to restate, is it easier to pass a firearms possession clearance, or a Canadian Forces employment clearance?

Perhaps a stupid question but a curiosity none the less.

I know there really is no telling but perhaps you have an opinion.

Can't comment either way, as I have no idea what the CFO medical requirements are.  The CF medical requirements are fairly straight forward.  Basic physical, vision and hearing test, questionnaire and follow-up.  If the Snr Med Tech sees anything out of the ordinary, you may be asked to provide additional documentation from your health care provider or they may just send your file up to the RMO for further review.

Medical aspects for a CF applicant can't really be answered in a forum such as this, as there are far too many variables and they fall under the Health Services umbrella.  All I can say is, go through the medical process, do what is asked and hope for the best.
Whether reserve or regular force the CAF is an extension of the Federal Goverment. Now you have clearly expressed that you were against foreign operations, that you severly distrust the goverment, and that you wish to join a militia outside the CAF. I have to say that personally I would be uncomfortable around you in any military setting whether it is reserve or reg force.
Oh, I didn't say I severely distrust government. I trust government not to be honest about all things there is a clear difference between those two things.

I'm confused, why exactly do you find a desire to perform the functions of the CF in event they are unable to perform them for the public good, as a bad thing?

Makes no sense.

--- edit:

You also say I was "against foreign operations". I think it is safer to directly quote my statements rather than perhaps leading to taking them out of context.  I did not oppose foreign operations, I did not wish to be part of them, once again two different things completely.  Being an individual is not oppositional the world is not us or them. People can be neutral in regard to a conflict, without actively taking a side in terms of wishing to engage in operations.

Its nice to think someone who doesn't support something opposes it but that isn't the case. The person watching tugofwar is not playing for either team.

Clearly you want all hearts and minds behind the objective, completely understood and a valid position. However not aiding someone is not helping their enemy. It is very close to doing that. Take for example if Gaddafi or the Taliban were in Canada, I might have a very different position towards opposing the Taliban. I have a respect for culture and individual sovereignty.  I understand that western culture is not always the here and now ideal of people who were raised to different belief systems. Much like the Canadian government can do much bad such as with first nations in the past, it can also do much good such as assisting in various developmental projects. The CF can be a force of either, and that is based often times on political determinations, epecially in an era where it is possible that states violate the UN charter and engage in making war against other states.

None the less I could write a full paper regarding my position, but no I did not oppose the CF in Afghanistan. I wasn't over there firing on CF, I wasn't here destroying communications infrastructure and mining transportation infrastructures. I was a neutral party. I feel that is an important capacity for a free society, one that is not forced to tow a party line under the auspice of what would otherwise be a military dictatorship where political elitists determine the will of the people. Dissent and difference of opinion as well as the ability to not support the form of a military operation is an important principle in a free society.  Also its not black and white, while you can support some things, I think not only myself has reservations that aspects of Afghanistan were not the ideals that Canada or Canadians aspire to, and much was learned.

But at the end of the day you are entitled to your opinion. Canada being a voluntary military people can do that volunteer, volunteering does not mean being selected. I wouldn't want to serve with someone who was more concerned about my political beliefs than my desire to help.

You have a valid point people who think and have reservations can be a liability. I operate on good faith. But no I didn't oppose Afghanistan, I had my own opinion.

army08 said:
Oh, I didn't say I severely distrust government. I trust government not to be honest about all things there is a clear difference between those two things.

I'm confused, why exactly do you find a desire to perform the functions of the CF in event they are unable to perform them for the public good, as a bad thing?

Makes no sense.

What makes no sense is what you just wrote. Please translate your comment into legible english.
You have nothing better to do with your time while in Mexico? :pullhair:
Emilio said:
What makes no sense is what you just wrote. Please translate your comment into legible english.


Oh, I didn't say I severely distrust government.

I trust government not to be honest about all things, there is a clear difference between those two things.

In regard to being concerned about wanting to serve in a non CF militia:

I'm confused, why exactly do you find a desire to perform the functions of the CF in event they are unable to perform them for the public good, as a bad thing?

Makes no sense.

---That is to say - that militas can be a force of good just because they arn't organized by the government doesn't mean they cannot be a force of good. Personally the people are suppose to form government in a democratic society so, why if doing so lawfully, is it a problem if the people organize a militia. Do they for some reason not have the ability to form government organs not through elected officials? Is there some reason why the right to bear arms, and train in martial arts (that is military arts, the art of war), not something that the people should be allowed? At one time it was a legal requirement to do so.

I really don't understand this, and I think your position on militias is likely blemished by radical ideological militias that are deemed to be anti government or qausi domestic terrorist organizations. I have a firm belief that militias can serve to enhance the public good and benefits to society.

While both disesstablishment organizations as well as fascist or in a modern sense corporatist militocracies can both be a risk to the public. I think it is a misprision to equate militas with radicial quasi terrorist organizations bent on ruin of society, and likewise governmental organizations such as the CF and other executive offices needn't be seen as corporatist militocracies.

Not sure if this makes more sense to you.

Everyone should have the right to survival, and responsible proportional use of force. Ultimately you have governments and international agreements determining the extent of available resource and activities for those things, but defintely I don't understand why you would want to limit capacity of people to defend themselves this without flavouring peoples intentions or beliefs. That is assuming the public to have good intentions, if they form government and the government forms the military, what is the difference?  However this would very quickly turn into a debate or be grossly off topic so I would recommend if you wish to continue the discussion that another thread in a proper forum be started.
And thank you army08 for posting that insightful edit, Im sorry if my personal opinion offended you. I see CAF personal as doing their job and not getting their political or moral views in the way of their responsablities, but thats just me. Good luck with your application.