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The future of Primary Flight Training in the RCAF


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Back in 2005, a 20-year Contracted Flying Training and Support Contract was awarded to Allied Wings, now called KF Defence Programs to train new pilots in the RCAF for Phase I PFT.

The reason I'm starting this thread is to ask and discuss what will happen in 2025 for training new pilots? A friend of mine who completed Phase 1 a few months ago told me that the instructors there were saying after 2024 they won't be training pilots anymore. Will the RCAF have complete responsibility for training pilots from Phase I to Phase IV? And if so, will initial pilot training be completed on the Harvard II since we don't own the Grob 120A or is the RCAF looking at a new airframe for Pilot training?

(Just some thoughts I had, especially since if I get an offer for Pilot UTPNCM then I'll be finished school in Spring 2025 and would begin flight training shortly after. fingers crossed)
Thanks dapaterson!

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It’s not just pilots, there’s Navs, Aesops, probably some more. I think the requirement is to spit out the same quality at the end, so the phase bit might not stay, there’s more incentive to keep it rolling as you wouldn’t have skill loss that we have now between phases. I bet there will be a lot of sim time.
I did some digging and found what the training would look like. It looks like there will indeed be a combination of Phase I and Phase II called Basic Flight Training.

BFT will focus on fundamentals of flight, ground school on basic theory of flight to include aerodynamics, aircraft systems, mereorology, communications, VFR, IFR, operation of ALSE, etc. Flights will be conducted in Moose Jaw. Students will go on to either RW or FW courses.
I'm interested, where did you dig ? Thanks
On the DWAN, I just went to the intranet (explorer) and I searched “FAcT” and did some scrolling and clicking and found a Word document explaining what the current flight training looks like and what the FAcT is suppose to accomplish.

There was a lot more information than what I shared. If you have access to DWAN you should be able to find it.