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The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

These are the same bunch who raised heck when they spotted soldiers on the trail who were marching with weapons back in 2002 or 03 when I was in Gagetown....they were doing their annual fitness test. They felt threatend that soldiers were out in public with weapons....everyone except the press decided to ignore them...we should do the same now....they are a bunch of  :clown:s...they are an insult to your husbands honour Teddybear....the majority of Canadians do not agree with these idiots so pay them no heed.
Folks, just think of how many times business owners and operators are telling these morons to get stuffed.  I'd say that those who are displaying the ribbon in the first place already know what side their bread is buttered on.
Nfld Sapper said:
I was in Gagetown but don't seem to remember that :(

Fall '03 ... Tech Svcs ...

A lovely sunny day too. A great day for a 'lil walk.

Even carried by The Daily Gleaner the next morning.
ArmyVern said:
Fall '03 ... Tech Svcs ...

A lovely sunny day too. A great day for a 'lil walk.

Even carried by The Daily Gleaner the next morning.

Ah that could explain it, I was probably on my way back to my home unit.
Nfld Sapper said:
Ah that could explain it, I was probably on my way back to my home unit.

And IIRC, someone here may be able to clarify, the next group who went outside "the wire" of the gates (ie onto the TransCanada trail) on their BFT found themselves being filmed by some friggin' TV station ...
ArmyVern said:
Let the idiot boycott the stores ...

It won't mean much to those business' who do support their troops in that other

referred to in the article. That other town just happens to be the Home of the Army, a mere 14 ks up the road ...

26 crackpots who don't have a clue?? Or thousands of soldiers and Land Force students situated there?? D'uh ...

I wonder if the crackpots even realize that Oromocto & Freddy have been "supporting their soldiers" for years & years, well before Sept 11th 2001 (and our 'occupation of Afghanistan  ::) ) ...

Just run a search right on this very site regarding "Military discounts" ... the list is huge for those Fredericton NB business' looking after their troops, and it has always been that way.

Let her boycott them ... bet that'll attract lots more business for them from relish suits than she'll manage to take away from them...

What another waste of O2.

LOL good post, how about  every business they boycott the military families give them extra business and an new shiny yellow ribbon.  It's amusing that the yellow bellies object to yellow ribbons and yet that's the color of their skin and ethics. 

I really loathe peaceniks and tree huggers, so I'm not unbiased on this issue. 

N.B. group behind anti-yellow ribbon campaign

CTV.ca News Staff

Updated: Fri. Sep. 28 2007 3:00 PM ET

Fredericton's mayor is calling a peace coalition misguided as the group pressures local businesses to stop displaying yellow decals calling for support of Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

Mayor Brad Woodside says the group is focusing its criticism on local proprietors when it should be lobbying the government.

"When you ask people to take down the yellow ribbon that says support our troops, I think we're really going after the wrong people," Woodside told CTV Atlantic.

"If you have a problem with what the military is doing, then go after the politicians."

Tracey Glynn is a member of the Fredericton Peace Coalition and says that wearing a "Support Our Troops" yellow ribbon trumpets positive support for the war.

"I think by putting the yellow ribbon on or wearing the red shirt, you're being a cheerleader for the war," Glynn said.

Glynn says members of the coalition have threatened to withdraw support of local businesses if they continue to display the decals. The group's intention is to reignite the debate over the war in Afghanistan.

"We'll be launching a take down your ribbon campaign in October, just before the sixth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan," Glynn told CTV Atlantic.

Cathy Delong is responsible for the visible sea of yellow around Fredericton. After being inspired by the support of another New Brunswick town, Delong went door to door asking residents and business owners to display their support for Canadian troops.

"If (the coalition) doesn't want to support the troops and their families, leave the people alone who want to do it," Delong said.

The decision to show support for the Canadian Armed Forces with the decals has not been without controversy in other parts of the country.

In August, Ottawa police began displaying the yellow ribbons on their cruisers causing some civic politicians to vocally oppose the plan.

While in Vancouver, police allow the decals on their patrol cars, Calgary police have been prohibited from displaying the decals by the city.

In June, a similar backlash to the yellow ribbons occurred in Toronto when emergency personnel were ordered to take down decals on city-owned EMS, ambulance or fire vehicles.

City council voted unanimously on a motion to indefinitely extend the use of decals after concerned veterans voiced their complaints to city hall.

Canadian troops are in Afghanistan as part of NATO's International Security Assistance Force. Seventy-one Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have died since the combat mission began in 2002.

I've just heard about this and their agenda. I always knew that Fredericton had their fair share of wing nuts....what next? An anti-poppy movement?

Such a strange coincidence, Oct just happens to be the month I run my annual "Turn in an unwanted hippie a**-hat Dumpster" campaign! Of course I'm out here in Edmonton but hey,.... maybe I could get the campaign started over there as well,... sounds like they will have some cluttering up the place.