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The Russian Military Merged Thread- Navy

Why does RCN qua RCN say so little in public about key NATO ASW mission in North Atlantic?

What is there for them to say? Are they actually involved in the CAF ASW deployments in recent years? Exercises are neat and all but...they're exercises. MONGOOSE is MANTA, but in a different location. Great exercises, but...still exercises.

Having been on more than one ASW Det...I've never done one with RCN or our MH folks involved.

That aside...ASW isn't something people are going to talk about in terms of...TTPs, etc. "We do this, we do that...then this happens" stuff is strictly on the "need to know" basis. As aircrew, we didn't even talk about it with the groundcrew who kept us flying...or in the bathroom down the hall from the crew rooms at the Sqn. Cleaners and stuff, right?
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