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The Unraveling of “The Unraveling of America”


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If you’re a liberal, I think you will like this article. I found it very interesting even though I’m a c-conservative.

I’ve made some friends in the U.S. military overseas and they were/are  good men and women serving their country and the world.

The Unraveling of “The Unraveling of America”

Deanna Kreisel

Aug 8 • 12 min read

When I read the recent essay “The Unraveling of America” by Wade Davis in Rolling Stone, I tried to ignore it. I tried to do the same thing I did for 13 years in Canada when confronted with spiteful, toxic anti-Americanism: stuff it down, pretend it didn’t matter to me, or — if I was at a social gathering or work event — rearrange my facial features into a rictus of a smile and attempt to move on to the next topic. But I’ve seen this essay posted and reposted on social media by multiple friends, many of whom are wounded and suffering from recent political events in the States, and I can’t just let it go. To quote a spiritual leader much wiser than I, “This aggression will not stand, man.”

From 2006 to 2019, I taught at the same university as Mr. Davis, the University of British Columbia.

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A look back at the National Guard's use of helicopters in Washington.

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander was Driving Home, DC Guard Concludes
The D.C. National Guard and Pentagon IG are fighting over who to blame for the dangerous incident that symbolized Trump’s militarized response.


Two D.C. National Guard helicopters that flew low over protesters in Washington, D.C., on the night of June 1 were not properly authorized to be there — and were directed by a lieutenant colonel who was far from the scene, driving home in his car, according to an initial investigation by the D.C. National Guard.

The superior officer who authorized the deployment claimed he didn’t know that the regulations required him to have higher-level approval to use the helicopters at all, and that in any case, he in no way told the lieutenant colonel that the helicopters should be used for crowd dispersal.

Now the D.C. National Guard and the Defense Department Inspector General’s office appear to be at odds over who should take responsibility for the incident, which became one of the most high-profile examples of President Donald Trump’s militarized response to protests over the killing of George Floyd, a Black man, by police officers in Minneapolis in May.

Senior Army and defense officials have for months claimed that they would soon release their report into the tasking of the helicopters. Yet the report has remained under lock and key, with officials saying nothing more than the report was currently in the hands of Acting Defense Department Inspector General Sean O’Connell, a Trump appointee. ...

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