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TKMS, Embraer, Atech awarded contract to build Brazilian Tamandaré frigates


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The Brazilian Navy is scheduled to receive four frigates between 2025 and 2028. Source: TKMS

Brazilian state-controlled company Emgepron has awarded a contract to the Águas Azuis consortium comprising Thyssen-Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS), Embraer Defesa & Segurança, and Atech Negócios em Tecnologias to build four Tamandaré-class frigates for the Brazilian Navy.

The main and offset contracts, worth about BRL9.1 billion (USD2 billion), were signed on 5 March at the state-controlled Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro (AMRJ) shipyard in Rio de Janeiro.

The contract award marks the official start of ship construction programme. The four frigates - Tamandaré , Jerônimo de Albuquerque , Cunha Moreira , and Mariz e Barros - will be built by Brazilian shipbuilder Estaleiro Oceana in Itajaí, Santa Catarina. Under the contract terms the ships are expected to be commissioned between 2025 and 2028.

Águas Azuis was selected to supply the Brazilian Navy with four Tamandaré-class ships on 28 March 2019, after best-and-final offers were submitted by four consortiums on 8 March.

The frigates, which will be based on TKMS's MEKO A-100 design, are being acquired under the navy's Construction of the Naval Power Core strategic programme. The procurement effort is the Brazilian Navy's second acquisition priority, after the Submarines Development Programme (PROSUB).

The frigate fleet will carry out a wide range of roles, including surveillance, anti-air-, anti-submarine-, and anti-surface warfare, and search-and-rescue missions.


OceanBonfire said:
(...) were signed on 5 March at the state-controlled Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro (AMRJ) shipyard in Rio de Janeiro (...)
Shall come from the ancient Capital of the Country [1].


[1] (...) Later, in 1763, it became the capital of the State of Brazil, a state of the Portuguese Empire. In 1808, when the Portuguese Royal Court transferred itself from Portugal to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro became the chosen seat of the court of Queen Maria I of Portugal, who subsequently, in 1815, under the leadership of her son, the Prince Regent, and future King João VI of Portugal, raised Brazil to the dignity of a kingdom, within the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarves. Rio stayed the capital of the pluricontinental Lusitanian monarchy until 1822, when the War of Brazilian Independence began. This is one of the few instances in history that the capital of a colonising country officially shifted to a city in one of its colonies. Rio de Janeiro subsequently served as the capital of the independent monarchy, the Empire of Brazil, until 1889, and then the capital of a republican Brazil until 1960 when the capital was transferred to Brasília (...)