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Today in Military History - wrong date?


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Just noticed on the home page that the "Today in Military History" is showing date and details for 2 Oct.  However, when you view the calendar, it has 3 Oct highlighted.  Is it programmed to switch over at a specific time?  (knowing my luck, it will switch over after I post this and everyone will wonder wtf I'm talking about....like usual ;D)

BTW, talking about history, Armyvern is 40 today!
Yeah I've noticed that for a while too. It's always a day behind on the main page.

Oh, and :cheers: to Vern! :D
Hmmm, it seems to be a day behind... (except I just fixed it for today). I suspect this is related to the odd post time for some users... can't be a coincidence.
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Noticed a spelling error in the calendar entry for today, maybe a MOD or Mike can fix?

1871: Paris surrendered to the Germans
1918: John McRae author of the poem "In Flanders Field" dies of pneumonia near Boulogne, France.
1932: Japenese palnes bomb Shanghai
Got it (and 3 other similar misspellings too!)

Thanks again
Rather than open a new thread on the same topic...

Today's entry listed The Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava for 24 Sept 1854.

The correct date is 25 Oct 1854.

Thanks... it's been fixed! (but will still show here for a bit longer...)
Not a date correction, but this seems to be the best place...

Noted in the entry for Nov 7th:

"1900: VC won by Sgt Edward James Gibson, The Royal Canadian Dragoons, Leliefontien, Komati River"

His last name is missing.  Should be Sgt Edward James Gibson Holland.

1 Feb 1900: Le Regiment du Saguenay: Dieu at Patrie (God and Co

This military history item seems to have an italics tag left open, italicizing everything that follows.
Thanks... the problem was actually much larger, somewhere a long time ago, all of our calendar entries were truncated to 60 characters... I had to go waaaay back to find a backup that wasn't cut short and then merge the old entries with the new... it should be all fixed up now.