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Traditions. Bottom up or top down

Lol @FSTO I love that this has turned into a pen thread lol

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And I thought it was about this:

In 1955 it was announced[2] that the distinction cloth worn between the stripes of officers of the non-executive branches of the Royal Navy was to be abolished, except for those who must be clearly recognisable as non-combatant under the Geneva Convention.

The residual use of distinction cloth for non-combatants is therefore:

  • Scarlet – medical
  • Orange – dental
  • Salmon pink – wardmasters (to 1993)
  • Silver grey - civilian officers from Royal Corps of Naval Constructors (RCNC)[3]
  • Dark green – civilian officers when required to wear uniform[4][nb 2]
I always wondered what the reasoning why. Makes total sense.
Your pen works by gravity.

In the late 50’s, NASA spent two million dollars to develop a pressurized pen that would work in space. The Soviets used pencils.