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Unit Copyright

How so? The only similarity is that they're both tigers. And not even a close resemblance, at that. Most Formations, whether Regiment, Squadron, etc, have copyrighted insignia.


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Badges typically don't fall under Crown copyright, but under trademark.

CAF badges, crests, flags and insignia, as well as the yellow ribbon associated with the “Support Our Troops” program. This intellectual property is protected under the Trade-marks Act. You must apply for a license (See "Licenses and Requests from Media" section below); . . .
What copyright is being violated? Similarity? Yes. But not a copy.
I belong to a Regimental Association and some of you would be amazed the number of companies who pitch us cap badges, hats, jackets and shirts some even send samples, and nothing is ever right with the samples. Embroidered cap badges and the name is not close to being right. Motto with spelling errors . I think it comes down to this, if it looks cool they sell it.

My favorite mistake was when my ex wife owned a hair salon, called "The Hair Shack" , and we got pens sent to us in hopes we would order them, "Hairy Snack Shop"