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UNPROFOR Roto 5 - Oct 94 - Apr 95 - 1RCR

Tess, If you're looking for someone specific who's still in 1RCR I might be able to help. I'm sure I could enlist the aid of Bad Pav as well.
Tess, and all others

Just wondering if you have recieved any pictures from the tour.....If so please forward them on.

I'll have to look it up in the Eight-Pointed Star from the tour, but one guy from int took most of the shots in the book.  I'll try to get in touch with him and see where the negs are.

The guy to talk to about this stuff is MCpl (ret) Rob Taylor. He was the Bn Photographer for that roto and put the roto scrapbook together. I'm sure he still has a ton of photo's and just about anything you'd be interested in. I'll send him an email with the link to this topic and you two can hash out the details.

C Tulipano
Yes I was the Bn Photog for that tour, and Rob Mason worked with me. If you see him say hello for me.

I am not sure what I would have left from that tour, or what shape it would be in now. When I left the forces, I didn’t think about saving it. Quite frankly I think I left a lot of it with the new photographer and I cant for the life of me remember who that was.

I will look through some boxes in the basement, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Right on cheers!!

I keep in touch with Mason, quite a bit.  I will let him know youi said hi.



If I remember correctly Rob was the person who took the photos of the shot up jeep, I was on the wall when you pulled that thing in. I didnt find out about it till the next morning.
That's right he did, he even snuck me two pics.

One of the Iltis, and one of my Flack Jacket.

Hey quick question.  What did it look like from the OP.  Did we look like a couple of drunken fools?  Were there sparks flying fromt he rims?

Quirky things I always wondered.


Well with Phil driving there'd probably be sparks flying whether it was shot up or not so you'd have to be more specific..